Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming Down with the Sickness

Dear Parents
I'm feeling fine right now but i must admit that i do miss getting letters, but the letters aren't bothering me, I just feel like i'm missing something, I had a really good spiritual day yesterday, but right now i just feel a bit empty, i'm trying my best to do what's right but i'm just not happy. it shouldn't be a big deal i just feel that way to day.

So I guess people think i'm talking in code now, well i guess that could be true, so i'll try to explain.

Faulkner is known for writing stream of consciousness books, well in my opinion that's what my last letter was, very many bullet points with thoughts that didn't quite all go together. that's why faulkners got my back, or it maybe the way i write.

So this week I got sick and now i'm better, but it's not fun being sick. i had the "cocococky" virus or that's what the doctor told me it was i don't know, I know is that I had a Canker soar type thing on the back of my throat and it felt like a cold/flu, so on thursday i basically slept all day and then friday i felt a whole lot better but still not 100% and since then i've continued to feel better and i would say i'm at 90% of what I could be. well in the process of this the lesson that i learned is that God is willing to help but he wants us to do all we can, like president Uchtdorf said in general conference that god is more inclined to help the man who gets out of the cart to push it than the man who just sits and prays. so i went out and i got a myriad of pills and drops and cough syrups, and even went to the doctor to check it out. and i got the news that it was a viris and there aren't pills that can make it go away so just wait it out. so after all that i got home and then slept and after i did all that i could do then God helped with the things i couldn't do myself not to mention he was helping me throughout.

ok so as to give those who are looking for more info. I'm back on the Beach with two Zone Leaders and i'm the "area boy" as thad has put it. i just try to help out where i can, and i think that i'll be leaving after this next transfer which is going to happen in 2 weeks or so. as to where i'm going i'ven't got a clue. yes i'm I'ven't is a word at least i think it is. (i have not)

well spring break i think is over, there haven't been a lot of college people around and the traffic is less. as for the locals they don't really seem interested. Although we were able to have a wonderful baptism this week. Trenton Medina was baptized which was really cool because last time i was here we started working with him and I got to see him baptized. we keep trying to work with our investigators and they seem to be doing alright, it's just the culture down here nobody really does anything, they just all talk about what they want to do, but they don't really have a desire to change. which i don't want to see anybody do that, i want people to people of action. if you say your going to do something then you better mean it, I don't care if you say what people want to hear just go and do. now i'm speaking to myself when it comes to this but i'm trying my best to do what i say and to learn what i need to learn.

so yeah this week was kind of slow in teaching ways but I think i learned something this week, which is progress.

Love Elder Gillespie

Jethroybn i can't believe that Sophia is almost walking, tell her to quit it. and Lincoln Keep up the good work, keep praying. Robyn i'm glad your finding yourself again, i'm trying the same thing, Jethro don't affiliate with anyone but the Lord i don't trust the government anymore.

Jan Ben, Clarks Video was adorable and i miss that little tyke he looks a lot like adam swindlehurst in my opinion so he'll be alright as for Eva i bet she's just driving you guys bonkers but it's not that bad. and your so close to being done with the school year ben how exciting!!! Jan Keep up the good work you've always been like a mom to me.

Toni Ben what an exciting week!!! ben just think of this as the beginning of a transfer, go ahead and start making a transfer plans about what's going to happen. Toni one question? September?

Thad. Best of luck to you during this whole endever with work and such, it must be hard trying to guess what's going to happen, i would say that's like being back in missionary life but more on an individual level rather than with others.

Beetle I miss you and will talk to you soon in fact about 6 sundays roughly

Dad your starting your political candicy? what's that news about?

Mom I Love You!!!

Elder Gillespie

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