Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peace Through Hard Times

Well I guess it's time to talk about the adventures that i've had this past week. so let me think.....

1) I met one of the coolest guys while tracting he has fallen in love with genealogy and has many and many guns. his name is william libby and loves to do all types of things. but mostly guns and genealogy. I thought that most of the world just didn't really care about their ancestors but now i've found that to be wrong, he loves the stories that have happened to his family and how a small town doesn't really ask where you came from because you'll find out you came from the same grandpa or grandma.
2) it's starting to get hot.... while beetle is getting rain, i'm getting sun... and i hear that it only gets hotter. right now it's in the upper 80's to low 90's with 50 -70 percent humidity which really isn't all that bad. but it's supposed to get to the 100's with just about 100% humidity so i think it'll be like the south carolina family reunion trip, where you just step out side and you start dripping.
3) I got a new Boxspring mattress, the one that i was sleeping on before had a lovely depression in the middle, so it felt more like a hammock than a bed. well that might be a bit of a tall tale.
4) People apparently like us missionaries, well the ones that don't just shut the door on our faces, but a few occasions people just let us into their homes and we just have a good old conversation. which has been really nice to have in the AC houses.
5) apparently the oil slick is starting to wash up on some of the beaches, which isn't good. good thing i'm not on the beach right now.
6) honest communications is the answer to most of the problems in most companionships, or relationships in general.

other than that this has been kind of a slow week, as for the things i've learned.

The happiest i'll ever be is when i follow the rules. Not only do i not get into trouble but also i also feel better about what i'm doing, something that i've had to find out the hard way. The other thing is that at times, when nobody else will do anything you have to do it yourself. Again something that has taken a bit of time for me to understand and to put into practice. And finally God is merciful and his mercy applies to those who are meek and lowly, or a heart that is broken and contrite. and He has great power to save and to lift, but we have to go to Him and believe that He will help us. That is what i've truly been enlightened on this week.

Belief and Hope. two things that I Need to work on more. The other thing that i've learned is to always have a goal or an action to work towards. Now I have those so this week will be fun and interesting. One more Doubt not, again something i need to work on doing, Because Doubt is of the Satan he wants us miserable just like him...

so those are just a few thoughts i've had the last little bit of my life.

Love Elder Gillespie

Sis Cranney I'm so glad to hear from you I love you and all that you've done. Thank you so much, and soon enough Spencer and I will be back.

Ben F. thank you for your letter and for the talk that was really what i needed to hear, but I've all ready heard it before. i think i've got a really thick skull. you'll have to check that out when i get back.

Jan I don't know what to do with Dogs, if you were here you could just let him loose in the woods until someone found him, but i don't think you want to do that.

Ben Russia sounds awesome, i was surprised to hear that it's not dirty. but then again you've lived in that area so i think you know what dirty is. i just go into the ghettos around here, but there really aren't any.

Toni way to go on not stressing about the laundry thing. that must of been a shock, but now it's a fun memory. come what may and love it...

Jethro. good luck with set up and take down. it's awesome that you are doing so well with classes, as for the house plan, i like it and it sounds like it's going to work. I love your creativity.

Robyn programs are easy you've got it in the bag. and it wouldn't surprise me if lincoln is 4 and half feet tall when i get back and sophia sounds like a wiggle baby like none other. i can't wait, oh boy oh boy.....

Thad you're a trooper for helping baby sit. I bet that really helped robyn and mom out a lot.

Mom i loved your letter and keep sending them if you want to i love reading those talks, in fact see what each of the kid's favorite talks are and then i'll read them on p-day or you could send them.

Dad I agree with Jethro put in the Tire swing the kids will love it. and it sounds like you and mom are taking over the youth program again. i guess you guys are never going to be released as parents to the youth in the ward.

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