Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day! May Day!

Hello Ya'll
this week has been a very fast in my perspective it just feels like I just got here. and I Just finished writing to you guys. well this week what has happened, well first of all we had a Baptism!!! it was super good and definitely had the spirit there, which is something I'm glad to recognize here if it wasn't for the baptisms that happen maybe once a month i think that i would just get used to the Spirit or just have the immunity of it. which i'm glad to have taken away otherwise I would not be the same person i am right now, but then again if i had a different experience i would also then become someone else.
This week I've found out that I am a person who gets addicted to things easily, for example i went on a spell where i would only play warcraft 3 for about 3 months, then i would get bored and then pick up something else to do. I'm really not that good at any of them but something that i like to do. and this week i found out that i got addicted to Sudoku. and once i realized that then i got a new prospective on what it means to leave things behind and focus on the work. now i'm not saying that i'm perfect at it or even close to do that but i'm understanding that God does really ask a little from us at a time and as we can do that then we have to give something else up and then slowly and slowly get rid of all the things that we don't need. or as jethro painted pruning man, we prune ourselves to find the real us.
the other cool news is that zone conference is coming up and that's going to be on friday and then i get to call you guys on Sunday which is really awesome, in fact i get to call at 8pm because i'm in the same area as Janben. so that's going to be awesome. then after that two weeks till transfers Crazy!!! I know, time is really flying which must mean there is a change on the wind. but that could just be gas....
Well what else is new?.... umm.... the army people are pretty darn cool, we had dinner yesterday at the Dyers, one of my faves, and you wouldn't guess what i ate there.... Korean food, bulgogi remember mom when you did that for us like 5 years ago, well just so you know it was good and i would of never guessed that i would have ever eaten Korean food, authentic Korean food in the south, since being close to Post all sorts of people eat all kinds of crazy things. which reminds me I think I'm going to have Raccoon pretty soon. not to mention the other foods i've tried. i'll try to put together a list of such. but things that i want to say i've eaten are squirl and maybe possum or armadillo, and turtle, i've had gator, and dove, and i think pheasant, and deer. and of course the fried stuff.
other crazy things going on is that we had a wedding for a less active and she invited us to it, she's like 60 and married another 60 yr. old person. and had the wedding in a back yard where the owner had squirrels for pets. weird but cool.
We also volunteer at hospice mostly doing office stuff, making copies putting together packets, moving stuff and cleaning, pretty much what they don't want to do or don't have time to do, the simple things that's what we do. but so far the workers there seem like they might be interested in hearing more about what we are trying to teach to everyone. so hopefully we'll get some head way in that aspect.
and finally i ordained somebody to be an elder, which is quite an experience, not a whole lot of pomp or glamor but definitely cool to see.
Well that's about it for the adventures of Elder Gillespie. I love you all so much and can't wait to talk to you in 6 days.
Toni thank you for confirming what i've been thinking for the last little bit, and you are going to have so much fun, explore the world without fear.
Ben your awesome and you NEED a vacation, all work and no play makes ben a dull boy.
Jan i miss you but your only like 20 hours away driving so that's not to bad.... Ben keep on keepin' on.
Jethro I'm excited to hear that brandon might be the next watson at your school, and i'll definitely have to come over when i'm back.
Roybn Kids should not be playing with drugs it's not good for them especially Beans.
Thad.... get some sleep and what's the news with Bret? i've heard some rumblings
Beetle I miss you and you now a year out these last three months have flown by. and i guess it'll keep doing that.
Dad I havn't really been able to see to much about that but i've heard that there going to try to burn it. i've also got some speculation that an earthquake is supposed to happen in italy/hungry in a couple of weeks, weather or not it's true time will only tell.
Mom I LOVE YOU!!! and i'm surprised that you know where Kolob is that must be big distance.
Love you all and keep writing because any news is good news.
Elder Matthew Gillespie

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