Monday, May 24, 2010

A Witty Title

Hi Everybody (Hi, Dr. Nick!)

alright now that we are all on the same page. lets talk some business. what's the down low in ozark alabama? well from last week not a whole lot, we continue to try to see every investigator that we have and also continue to try to find new investigators. which isn't going too well with everything, but you can't always have what you want. but what i do have i'm very grateful for especially a family, friends and a companions that work, and work together, which has happened.


Miracles since last time. this last week I went on a trade-off with Elder Fox to Andalusia, another tiny town about 60 miles west and a bit south of ozark, but it is a beautiful town with a good-hearted people, which i was able to meet. well anyways during this trade-off i was able to just relax a bit and look at what problems were facing me and what kind of things i could do to change. which i was able to identify and just go full force at it. and since coming back i don't feel nearly as stressed or nearly as worried as i was before. so i'm just going forward with no problem or worries. well there are some but i'm working so this will be good.

as for another miracle.... remember how beetle talked about being a confessional box for people well she couldn't have described it better, but what the amazing thing was that me and my companion Elder Kanis were able to not only give advice but we were both thinking of the same thing to tell her what to do. which again is the small things in life which are really big, for me it represents that not only are we working together but that we both had the spirit which means that we are doing the right thing.

another little miracle and another fact about the gospel is that it is simple and true no matter where you go in the church, so in sacrament meeting we had amazing talks, and they all came across the same thing, or that's what i got out of it. and it's something that President Summerhays taught us. and it's simply "going with the PROS"

P for prayer, sincere prayer, a prayer where you are willing to act.
R is for Reading/ studying the scriptures, to feast upon the words of Christ
O is for Obedience, when obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment god will endow us with power. (President Benson)
S is for Service, going and doing the good things.

and that's what the gospel is when we do these things for ourselves and for others and God, we then access the Atonement of Christ which will not only make everything right in our life, but it will fix the problems we have and heal our broken hearts and hands so we can then help others. so we can all come back to God and live as one family in his presence for the rest of eternity.

well that's one thing that i got this week, again something not new, but still profound. This mission has really been a great boost to my testimony and to actually know what the gospel is and how it works. which i guess the next thing is to share that with the world. and i'll continue to do so all of my life. at least that's what i think i should do.

So all in all life is good. and i'm getting a new companion Elder Crawford and he'll come up to ozark with me for the next 6 weeks of my and his life so far he sounds awesome/legit.

Jan the house sitting job sounds awesome and i bet you can't wait for your kids to be self-sufficient.

Thad I can't believe that curtis got married i didn't even get an announcement so you're going to have to give him a stern look from me.

Beetle thanks for your email. i think i usually fall in the earlier numbers and i'm doing my best to be a solid 4 you're already a 4 i can just tell.

Ben your trip sounded awesome and amazing which i'm very impressed about. and want to do something crazy like that later, not for a while.

Mom for p-day for the last couple of weeks we've gone fishing at someones house, we catch bass and brim, but we throw them back so we don't have to eat them.

Dad you're very ambitious to do the plumbing for the upstairs and i probably would have told you to just wait till you got everything in order. And you are almost ready for the roof in logan that'll be awesome to complete and i bet thad will help you now that he isn't working in the dead of night.

Sara Larson Congrats on graduating i got both letters and i can't believe that your growing up so fast. well anyways you'll do great.

All in All have a good Week.


Elder Gillespie

one of the fishes i caught over the last couple of P-days

many of the church signs in the south

the panama city beach from a members house

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