Monday, June 28, 2010

Booby traps from Buti

And Away We GOOOOO!!!

Well to be honest i can't believe how fast this week has gone by, and to tell you the truth i can't really say what happened this week it just seems to be a blur to me right now. so let me think for a bit.

So the cool thing that really has happened this week is that Anthony and Victoria are going to get married, and the colors are baby blue and white. they are getting engaged in december and married in august. which is HUGE progress, and like Dr Marvin says baby steps, baby steps. so we are continueing to work with them and hopefully i'll get a wedding invite from them which will be neat.

Some other news it is offical people still are calling us a cult and it's still alive and true in the south. yep Meka was told by a family member not to talk to us because yes we are a cult and we don't believe that Christ is our Savior but is only a prophet. so after a long conversation on the phone she calmed down quite a bit, those phone calls are always fun, not only because it's an easy way to bear testimony but it also helps the other person out more than i can think of.

this week we also had a great time with a Game Night where we had a members invite their friends to play games with each other, we had all types of games from settlers to uno to phase ten to apples to apples. all types of games under the sun, not only was it a good activity to have members get to know each other better but it also helped investigators to realize that we aren't a cult. we had a pretty good turn out which really helped the newer people get to know some of the other people.

I think that most of our time went to a less active family were the youngest got the Aaronic Priesthood this week and also we were able to really get to know them better, and to mend bridges that were once damaged. so that was a really good turning point in our life in ozark south area.

for me i think that this week is best defined as actually sumbitting myslef to gods will instead of trying to bend god to my will, and because of that it not only makes me a LOT happier, but it also helps me become the type of missionary/person that i was called to become. it just makes life easier to know that all the little things that are going on and that even if i did slip up on one little rule here is my chance to change what I should change, and to put it in simplier terms to love god with all my might heart mind and soul. Because then i know that if i'm loving God then the rest of will just fall into place. I'll wake up on time so i can then spend more time with my God then resting from the last days activities. that was a very much a turning point in this week for me, to realize that yes God loves me but expects me to do my best and not do all the work for me.

so yeah it's been a good week but also a fast week as well.

beware of the traps that are always being laid especially from your companion, like the plastic you put infront of you computer so it dosen't mess up the carpet, that's been fliped upside down. with the pokie things sticking up. yes beware.
Jan where have you gone? i miss you and your letters/ blog posts /photos of the kids.

Jethro well first of all yes i agree we need to watch raising arizona and many other great movies, as for the assignement, First Elder Butikofer likes Arnold Swarzinager and wants to be a bodybuilder. Second he LOVES Halo and everything that goes along with that. Third over the last couple of nights he has been setting up booby traps around the house. Forth he is just a goof ball and a funny guy to be around, and reminds me a lot of Zach Spencer especially when zach gets excited. Fifth he knows that the Zombie apocolipse is going to happen any day and to kill a zombie you need to decapitate it. so far the funnest missionary i've been with, even though i've been a little stinker for a bit, but i'm out of that grove.

Thad Way to go on reading the scriptures and also trying to stay productive. and i would say that you should try to do the next shifts job so they don't have to do it. but if it's the same then i'm out of ideas. have fun with the road trip.

Toni i think it just might be being pregnant that make life seem a bit harder. but then again i've never been there, so you'll just need to relaxe and quit worring about stuff you can't control.

Camille happy 21 birthday you are now an offical adult.

Jon even though you were the odd man out you'll soon realize that your going to be wearing that type of clothing every single day FYI

Roxanne You NEED to keep me updated on this whole mission thing, because it's always a blast to know where a new missionary is going, my guess is Quebec Canada

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