Monday, September 20, 2010

Hot Dog Breath

Elder Lake is a Great companion who is really up to date with working and knows a lot about everything, it seems like he's been out almost as long as i've been out or at least that's the way I treat him. and that is how he responds

Remember the taste you have when you wake up in the morning i call it hot dog breath i don't know how i got it, because we don't have any hot dogs in the fridge and i don't think i eat during my sleep but you never know for sure. well anyways today has been a bad day for that and it's been with me this entire week. probably a little to much info.

So this week sound like it's been crazy for everyone and this next week sounds like another one too. and i'm so excited.

Just a little bit from this week is umm... we continue to push forward with missionary work and it seems that it is starting to show up. We have some really solid investigators and some that could become more and more availible to us as we continue to work. This last week we had a great time with a member in the ward getting ready for a southern luau which was pretty good fun and just a nice time to be with all the members of the neighborhood and it's definitely something like what i want to do when i'm back. Just a nice big block party.  Some other great parts of this week starting backwards. we had a great lesson/spiritual thought with a member after dinner. Don't worry mom i'm being fed plenty, so much so that i'll need to work some off. Me and you Ben. Sunday afternoon we took two of the priests out tracting and they did a really good job.  They don't seem to be too nervous about sharing a message or knocking on doors, something that just doesn't happen in Utah. Well anyway, Daniel Jones was able to give out a book of mormon with elder lake while i and Jordan Hughes continued down the street, and hopefully my goal will be complete of knocking on every single house in ozark before i'm gone. In church we had a great lesson with a W.O.C. student. and he seems to understand a lot of what we are saying and has a lot of good friends to help him in this little quest that he has undertaken.  We are so glad to be a part of it. so small miracle right here, all the class rooms in the building are full during the second hour so we, me and Elder Lake, are trying to find a place where we could teach Bro Crimmins, also the ward wants to start a temple prep class and that is being held in the library, well this week we found out that they are post-poning it till Oct 10 so that left one room open for us to use. and we have one more week until Crimmins graduates along with a lot of other people that are in his class. so it's all going to fall into place.

We have also had some great lessons with a kid named Cori Kelley who kind of reminds me of myself and wants to learn a lot more, we are just trying to meet up with him as often as we can because he could be a great in the church. 

umm... so what else happened this week. to be honest it's felt like a month since Elder Person came through and everyday just seems the same except for sunday.  but we have had some good split opportunities and chances to meet with the ward members. so all in all life is going good and crazy and i could fall asleep at the drop of a hat, still. and i'm guessing it doesn't get any better when i get back or married or have kids etc. etc.

well do great and stay strong and serve selflessly.

Toniben I can't wait to hear the name and the photos. She's going to be beautiful I already know it.

Janben what a grand adventure awaits both of you and i can't wait to hear about it.

Thad you're such a great brother. and i know that's a great calling for you. you should talk to Ben about presentations he has done a few.

Jethrobyn. i loved the photos and the great things your doing, robyn you know that your a great mom and by doing what you feel like you should will only make you better. jethro, i like the title but i'm not an artist so i can't give you really any ideas, and i haven't seen what your doing so i don't know either.

Dad that is such GREAT news and i'm glad your leaving the mattcave alone for now. your going to have such a fun time when jan comes back. also how are the chelaks doing, do they like timpview? what grades are they in?

Mom you sound like your going to be chest deep in work and such. and did you know that i love you and your an amazing mom, thank you for all that you've done.

to everyone else, feel free to write me either an email or letter i would appreciate it


79B Woodview Drive
Ozark Alabama 36360

until next week, when transfers comes out then i'll know for sure for another 6 weeks.

Love Elder Gillespie

Ben gains did you know a Elder Chamberlain?
Thad did you ever hear about Elder Barrington?
just a few people i've met.

old tractor looks familiar

another practical joke

a trailor addition. only in the south.
Elder Lake

a practical joke of about 355 Lbs

 Pants after a service project Deshingling

 Canker sore that i'm still getting over. 5+ weeks

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