Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello everybody guess what i figured out!!! that ringworm really doesn't have a worm but is actually a fungus, and that it's on my arm, thank goodness for anti fungal cream.

to describe how i feel right now is just way to hard to do... I'm just so happy and excited and glad to see how everything is starting to "fall" in to place. so the biggest news from me about myself is that I'm staying here in Ozark. so the total time will be about 7.5 months. AWESOME! what makes it so good is that everybody in the ward basically knows me and now feel more comfortable around me and hopefully won't be afraid of letting us talk to their friends about the gospel.  so cool story last night we had dinner at the Jones', and one of the sons brought over one of his friends which he had given a Book of Mormon to and who has been reading it. so before dinner we, me, Elder Lake, Bro. Jones, Sis. Jones, Daniel, and friend had an hour discussion on the gospel and what it is and all sorts of topics under the sun and we all got something out of it, and it was a great ending to a fast Sunday.

well anyways this last Sunday we were able to talk to the young women about missionary work, which I think they really did enjoy and were very happy to have us there to explain how to be a better missionary and also a better example of Jesus Christ to their friends and associates. and they wanted us to come back and teach them more about every month or so, that is neat.

This week we had the AP's come through after the Person conference, and told us that we are doing the right thing and that we are where we are supposed to be, which is a great relief from being spiritually punched in the gut, and not feeling so good about it. This has just been a really great time to serve. and the great thing is that it's finally cooling off from the 100's to the 90's to the 80's hopefully this week. That would be awesome!!! I almost forgot what it's like not to sweat when you walk outside.

So anyways this week has again been a blur and a drag, funny how that works, well we have a great opportunity to be trained on what we need to do to become a better missionary and to become a better citizen and son, father, etc. what it means to me is to bridge the gap between what i know (mind) to how i know (heart) to put it in a simpler terms is to get a testimony of truth that the Holy Ghost will testify of. so what do I know, I know that God loves me very much, that he wants me to come back to him a better person then when i left him, i know that families are supposed to be together for eternity, and that was revealed to Joseph Smith and also he was a prophet of God who translated the Book of Mormon which was written for our day. I'm excited to hear from the prophet of the lamb this week and that the Holy Ghost will testify of the truth and answer the prayers and questions that i have. I know that Christ paid the price for me to come back to heavenly father as long as I'm willing to keep the commandment and follow example in all that I do. I love my family and the church this I say in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.  

I love all you guys and can't wait to hear from the prophet.

Toni just have your baby already and I would like to know the name.

Ben keep up the good work as a dad

Mom I bet you are super excited about having Jan back home and to play with all the grand kids, give them a big hug from me.

Jan Just keep on keepin' on. you can do it!

Dad what's new in your life?

Thad Way to get a career started. your going to do amazing.

Beetle Run for the Roses! that will probably be repeated many times before your home.

Jethro you looked stylin' so did you Robyn more pictures please.

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