Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It feels like football

Hello Everybody! How is everything back at home? Good. Well a little bit from this side of the Mississippi river. . .Well it's a weird feeling when you start out tracting and it just feels like a crisp october day when your ready to play football, and it's still in the 90's and 50% humitiy. So i think i might be wiggin' out a bit but only about a year left before my brain is completely fried. Well this week has been really good. It climaxed with Zone Conference where we can tell that President Jensen is really starting to get things going. He's seen where we as missionaries can improve and has shown us a lot of love and concern and what we try to accomplish. We try our best to do our part and the Lord will make up for the rest. During his time, President Jensen is building upon the foundation that President Summerhays laid, from the words of Elder Westcott, a member in the district. he's really smart and a great example to me of being a father. He and sister Westcott are the senior couple serving in Eufaula. So anyways things going on in the ward....

We are trying to get with a less active family to teach the youngest daughter who is eight and wants to get baptized but the mother wants her to go through the lessons before she makes that commitment. So it's our goal to get her ready before october. The funny thing is that when you try to do something good the people you want to teach just seem to disappear. But we'll find her soon and get her ready. umm... the sad part of serving in such a small area is that every one has heard what we have to say a couple of times already so tracting isn't as fun as i thought it would be and those you try to help lose interest pretty fast, especially when they don't do anything for commitments. so again the purpose to this missionary is finding, finding, finding.

We are also trying to get some of the members involved in missionary work, mostly the young men in respect to tracting and getting some time underneath their belt so they aren't completely confused when they get out to the field. Every time that we have them with us we get into at least one house, but they end up not being interested, which is a bummer. Well anyways the people in the south are very nice and usually courteous to us which is a plus. so we keep plugging away and keep on keepin' on. 

I'm so glad to be here right now i'm learning so much from being in the service of the Lord and so grateful for what he has done for me and i know that as i try to do my best that he's going to make up for my short comings and is going to inspire me with what i need to do to further his work. I love you all so much

Elder Gillespie

Roxanna keep me updated, and tell ryan that he's doing a great job and is going to do an amazing job. thanks for everything.

Janben your kids are growing up so fast I can't believe it. and way to get everything situated for your trip; do amazing things ok.

Jethrobyn try to get sophia to speak and say tallahassee that would be just an amazing flash back. Lincoln is starting to shy away from toy story?!? what is the world coming to! keep up the good work.

Toniben i didn't realize that baby sister is coming so quickly you'll have to decide pretty quick on a name so far the best i've heard is ABCDE (ah-bee-cee-dee) sounds like obesity. just a name maybe you are thinking about.

Thad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! how often do i get to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday on a mission? well to answer that not very often.

Beetle agreed a good birthday present. and i think i've still got you beat. keep up the good work and i Know that you'll do amazing.

Dad A sauna? maybe a steam room? i don't know but that's amazing that you've got that in the garage you are just such a busy bee. and i think that by the time i do get back i really won't have any project to help you with at home just at the Logan house.

Mom your the best and Elder Christensen is doing very well and it's not a serious problem thank goodness.

I love you all so much

Elder Gillespie

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