Monday, February 21, 2011

He's heating up. . .

Hello Everybody

So the biggest news that i can think of right now is the fact that it's starting to warm up a lot down. here. like no kidding it feels like it's mid may to June with the heat and then the cooling off at the night. and I'm already starting to sweat because it's just getting a little warm for me and the fact that i need to readjust to the heat. so i know you would all love to be here and enjoy the sun and the warmth, and get out of the snow, so I'll try to spare those details down here.

so this week in a nutshell has been fun and crazy so we'll start from the beginning

Monday was a good day and we had our p-day mostly with the TCC elders one of which is Elder Egbert, my old MTC companion and his kid Elder Stutz. both really cool. then just had some dinner and all that other fun stuff.

Tuesday which was different. but the same we had district meeting and then i went on a trade off with Elder Wooley who is down in Madison Florida which i would compare it to be a mix between Panguitch and maybe Beaver. small enough that everyone knows everyone and then also small enough that the entire city shuts down after dark. strange but still cool. and i got to meet some really cool members and started trying to help them come closer together and also closer to God.

Which leads to Wednesday. so we had to trade back to Tallahassee, but that was also the day that the mission got some new Brazilians who are waiting on visas so they all were distributed and from what we've heard is that the Provo MTC is housing 130 of those missionaries because they can't get visa's so they are wanting mission presidents to find a spot for them to house them so they get some feel for what's going on and also to get more missionaries in and out. So it was neat just to get a little bit out of Tallahassee to get thing rolling again. a little break but at the same time it was an opportunity to reuse some of the skills that i haven't been able to use in a big city.

Thursday. we had a pretty normal Thursday with service at the capitol and also teaching some newer members. and planning out the week. so Cool thing that happened on Thursday was that fact that i was able to be apart of a baptism interview, and i found out a lot about what it really means to have a contrite spirit and a broken heart, it was definitely an amazing experience, to realize again what this is all for, and for the chance it is to get someone closer to Christ, and they can also change. oh. it's just beautiful.

Friday was a day of days. so we have senior couples who work in the mission office and they all have different responsibilities.  One of the senior elders is in charge of miles and he has been planning with us a day where we can go out and visit different areas in the zone and let him look at it and also have the missionaries who are serving there explain what they are trying to do and how they use the miles that they have. So it was a really cool experience for us to just meet with about half of the missionaries with cars and explain what they are trying to do with what they have. we are working on another day to finish the work that we have been given. so Friday was a day of driving and all sorts of fun.

Saturday we were again doing service for all sorts of people. again with Richard Dunn. who is redoing his bathroom and re tiling mostly, so he's laid a bit of it which left the grouting which I've found out that I'm pretty fast at it. so that's cool.  and then i also got heat exhaustion and fatigue that day as well so my cookies weren't settling well with me at all. so not cool but i feel a lot better now.

Sunday just kind of a relaxing day we taught a few lessons one with a Less active member who wants to be preached at not really understanding the need for others to teach each other, then also we had a lesson with a 7 almost 8 year old who is going to be baptized this weekend so we are excited about all that. so that's about it for our week it's been fun and exciting and also very nice to slow down a little bit and refocus again on what's the most important thing that's going on.

Next week we have a member of the 1st quorum of 70 coming President Packer's son, so that'll be fun and we also have zone conference the next day so no big deal...

Those are the highlights of the week i hope you tune in next week to see another exciting set of highlights.

Love Elder Gillespie

Thad sounds like your moving up in the world congrats with a newer car I'm impressed. and remember spaghetti tacos are a bad idea.

Beetle congrats on stein-y he's a good car just keep him looking good.

Toniben I'm glad that Anna was able to get that letter i can't believe that she's already talking in full sentences and all that crazy fun stuff. also babies are really funny but i don't quite get Eliza's laugh maybe you could video tape it or something, it sounds really interesting.

Jethrobyn it's really cool that you can see the grass in a couple of places, it's also really cool that Sophia is just excited about bubbles as Lincoln that make me excited, i guess you raise very excitable children. and Mario game nights sounds like a lot of fun. and i won't get a girlfriend real quick, that's just dumb.

Mom your amazing and don't forget that because you really are.

Dad I'm glad for your concern and for the fact that you're going to take a break soon so that is super cool, and being able to refocus that's really cool.

Love you guys all so much and also everyone else.

Elder Gillespie

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