Monday, February 7, 2011

Groundhog Day

Hello Everybody

So this week was a pretty fun week where we were able to have transfers and the cool thing is that most of the group that came out with me is now here in Tallahassee and they all seem to be doing fine. which is the cool thing. one is training, one is in the office, one's an AP and one is my companion and that leaves me, the other elder I think is still in Perdido or Fort Walton. This has been a different experience because so far i have only really been with people older or younger than me and now it's a lot of people who are about the same age mission wise as where I'm at, so it's pretty cool. Other than that this week has been pretty boring. It seems like every week is the same and that we have p-day and then Tuesday district meeting and meet with sis Simmons and teach a lesson there then go and meet with president Campbell, a member of the stake presidency. have dinner then go to bed. Wednesday, get up and than go to service. then just meet with less actives and find people, Thursday service LA's and Finding, Friday Weekly planning Find people, Saturday service, Sunday church, and then repeat. so it's not that exciting in my eyes what we do, because it's the same every week. but to make this week different. it's been raining nearly all week long and it's really wet. and driving in the rain really isn't as bad as i would of thought and it's way easier than driving in the snow. which is less fun.

So a small miracle of the week, sis Lanigan who we have been working with lately has started coming to church, well this week on her way out to do some errands she ran into an investigator who we thought we lost forever and they started talking about the church and neither knew about the other when they found out that they both were coming to our church. So now we are starting to set something up with them to get things going so that they can both come at the same time and also continue to teach.  We just found out that we were just pushing a little too fast for her.

let me think... other cool things this week... oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARK!!! 4 years old your getting so big and i bet your only getting bigger and happier and a good brother. keep up the good work with your sister and help out your mom.

Oh on transfers we got to hang out with a missionary who was going home and we got to have a great conversation with him and it was just really cool to see how each individual is different and how we all learn different, and then when we come together we get to put our individual talents together and grow together. so that was definitely a high light for myself.

Also we got to do the "I love you because game" and it was just really neat to see how people respond to what people really see in you rather than what you see yourself. By the way how is that going for everyone?

For the first time in over 16 months i was able to go to Costco, and i was so happy and it brought back a lot of memories. but still something in wal mart is still cheaper...DARN YOU WALLY WORLD!!!

have a good week everyone.

Love Elder Gillespie

Jethrobyn sounds like life is very busy and i can't believe that your still in school Jethro, how much longer do you have till your thesis? and Robyn sounds like your quite the photographer, did you discover that while in New Zealand?

JanBen keep up the good work and i bet Myra is just so much different in what her 7 months of her life. is she just as qute as her pictures? how big is she? how big is clark? is he a good helper? does he finally understand what a Birthday actually is? how about Eva is she still a scamp? any news yet about the schools?

Toniben, your trip sounds very exotic. and the picture is definitely a hard one in my opinion to get down. and i hope you do get to stay home for a while. i know that you really miss your girls. so i hope that you get to enjoy your time with them.

Beetle i like your goal setting and it's so cool that you get to hang out with Clint's G-friend. tell me a bit about her I've heard so much but i would like to know.

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