Monday, February 14, 2011


So Everybody I hope that everyone is having a great valentines day, and the great opportunity to show each other their love for others.

so with that in mind I'll go over a little bit of the week. so Monday we had a great day just getting ready for the up coming week, which nothing really sticks out to my mind.

so lets go to Tuesday.  Tuesday was a great day in fact i got to go on a trade off. which is where i went with another companionship and also my comp's got a different companion as well. so i was with two guys who had been together for 6 months so far and are going to be together for another 3 months after it, it's kind of weird but cool at the same instance. they work really well together, and keep focused on the work very well, so that was really neat.

So after that day i went back to home with Hammond and Hibbert. we did the usual thing with working and all this other stuff, the big thing though was helping a member, he really needed some help with what he was doing so we just went to town and we started organizing and all sorts of stuff that is what i love to do. so that was great.

Thursday, started out just like normal with doing service at the state capitol and then going to sis. Simmons who is well known through out the 4th ward of Tallahassee so we had a lesson with her after trying to reschedule for the next week, but she would not hear of that at all. In fact she was very angry at us for trying to meet with her on another day, so lesson of the story don't mess with sister Simmons "bible study" as she says.  We were going nuts again with a very tight schedule to help the same member except this time we helped him move probably a 5 ton crushing machine, a baler, kind of like the one at Day's or Buy Low, just really small and kind of weird too. but still really heavy and we got to use a fork lift to bring it back up to how it was suppose to be, so I'll explain, the baler was lay down horizontally and it needed to get vertical, now that doesn't sound like much of a problem except for the fact that it's 9 feet tall and probably again 5 tons, so we started figuring out what to do, it was on a pallet of wood, so it could be moved, but now that it's moved we just needed it up, so with the resources that we had we got the fork lift which the member owns at his work, and tried to figure out how to attach the baler to the fork lift, my thought was to use a chain to get it up, what i didn't realize is that when chains snap they fly around and can hurt people, so the member Bro Martin got a couple of tie downs that were heavy duty and started wrapping around the baler and then attaching it to the fork lift. and we started with one and then found out that wasn't going to work well, so we got some more and more, eventually we got about 4 to 5 straps and one big old chain attached to the baler and the fork lift, and we started moving it and it was going up and up and up and it was right at that stage where it could go up or it would snap and fall back down to the ground and put a big old crater into the ground, at that moment we rushed away so it wouldn't crush us and then ran back to make sure that when it did move forward it wouldn't keep rolling and fall on top of the fork lift, but looking back 3 guys that weigh maybe a 500 lbs. put together trying to stop something that is much heavier than anything we could of stopped, well the baler went vertical and now we felt amazed at the fact that now we completed the biggest task that he had in a long time, so we felt accomplished that we were able to help him with that and continued to clean his work a bit. it was fun and really enjoyable.

which leads to Friday! and what a wonderful day that always is. and that was a day where we just tried to regroup what we were doing because of the craziness of the schedule that we had over this last week so no really  cool stories that i can think of.

Saturday! that was kind of crazy we were doing service for this member who isn't active and it was more for her dad who started redoing his bathrooms a couple of weeks ago, so this time we helped him clear out a vanity and also grout part of his bathroom, thanks dad, because of all the little project we've had i now know how to help people out. so just to let you know that i was paying attention even though it didn't seem like it always. so we helped him out and got him ready for the putting in tile in his other bathroom which is pretty cool and fun. that was another week highlight, actually being able to help, and i realized that us Gillespie's know how to work very well even though it might not be the most professional, we know how to work quickly with each other rather than letting others just sit down. So Gillespie's are not city construction workers.  Then more service and more and more, and a lesson in between with a guy who is getting ready for a mission and wants to know what it's like to be a missionary, so that was really cool, and then for dinner we went to Momo's with a member and again got a XL pizza which is 30" across or 706.5 inches squared. so that's a number visualization of how much pizza we ate, and it was again just the three of us going at it, the first time we got just over half of it eaten, this time we got about two thirds to three quarters of it eaten, so we are definitely becoming better at eating, also cool fact of the day on Saturday is the fact that we had some avocado smoothies at the martins while doing service. so that was really cool.  that's about all of it for Saturday.

Sunday it was really relaxing just church, studies and visits. so it was just a really nice time to slow down a bit and get things back in order.

So those were some highlights, and this week has kind of felt like two weeks in one like it was long but at the same time it wasn't; like i can't believe that I'm emailing again, it seems like i just did, but I didn't.

I love you guys keep up the good work, remember to be outstanding in whatever you do.

Elder Gillespie

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