Monday, April 5, 2010

Yes Miracles Do Exist

Hello Everybody!!!

Well the highlight to anybody's week this week must of been conference, and one of the best ones i've ever seen. Now the sad fact maybe that until this time i really didn't care about General Conference. now some of my favortie talks this conference would have to be and in order with 1 being the most important.

1. President Packer's, about the priesthood and how the earth needs to understand that we do have power in the priesthood.
1. Young Men President Beck about how all of us have a duty and how to understand what that is through making a plan, following through with it and then sharing what you did with others.
1. Elder David A. Bednar showing us the warning signs and the precautions to stop and to be safe in such troubled times that are going to be coming soon.
1. Elder Jeffery R. Holland about Pornography and the root cause of it and how to get rid of it.
1. Elder Dallin H. Oaks about the priesthood and again the power it has and how to give a blessing.
1. President Eyering about being diligent
1. President Uchtdorf about being patient and being his hands.
1. Prophet Monson of course going through the "for the Strength of Youth"

Last of all

1. Elder Neil L. Anderson to simply talk about Jesus, what he did, how he did it, Tell me the Stories of Jesus. and the power that comes from knowing about the stories.

now these are just a couple that I truly did love hearing about and will spend more time studying about what they mean and what the spirit wants for me to know, and also to answer the questions that I've got and these are just a few of my favorites this conference.

I learned this week that you won't get an answer unless you first have a question. now should i've learned this earlier, yeah, probably. but thank goodness that i can still learn things as I grow older and hopefully wiser.

oh yeah Miracles still happen, i hope you know this, because i do. God loves us so much that he will put things together well before we get into a hole and as soon as we fall in there is a ladder there ready for us to climb out. usually it's nothing particularly big, ex. an angel appears in your room. but it's usually somebody's kind word or a smile, even a letter, one that you didn't expect and just talks to what you need. so thanks to all of you for your prayers, kind words and letters. because i know that God is in charge of all and is making all of us better, he just asks that we follow the commandments, and keep our covenants to the best we can. the gospel is simple, we as men make it more difficult and clutter the way.

Love Elder Gillespie

Jethrobyn Snow still in march? it's like last year out like lion as well as in as a lion. i'm glad you could enjoy conference

Mom I love you SO much I just can't quite show it to you right now but i'll try my best out here for you

Dad the Play by Play was awesome and it felt like i was back at home.

Ben, I'm excited about the phone call i just need to know what to call and i'll get back to you about when to call.

Mina Hello!!! it's so good to hear from you and to hear about your life, isn't crazy how much life can change in just a few moments or even weeks. like i'll probably be gone never to see Panama City Beach in a week. but the great thing is that if we just keep truckin' it's pretty much just endering to the end. I hope your doing well and feel free to write back anytime.

Ameri Mexico!?! that's so crazy but at least it's free, i've heard that there is some crazy stuff going on down there so i hope you aren't going to any of those crazy places along the border or the mexican mafia areas that would not be safe
Courtney it's so good to hear from you it sounds like you've got a plan i hope you stick to it and the gospel.

I miss all of you

Elder Gillespie

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