Monday, April 19, 2010

The "Big" City of OZ

Toto i don't think think we're in Florida anymore....

So seeing how it's the first time i've been able to write about Ozark Alabama i guess it would be a good thing to do.

first of all alabama is actually a pretty place to be, which makes me want to see forest gump and o brother when i get back. but in ozark it has rolling hills and big green trees, which might just be the fact that it's finally spring. the other thing about ozark is that it's employed by the near by military base called fort rucker. which is a helicopter school where the army trains soliders on chinooks, blackhawks, and apache helicopters. while the city is run by the military the area i'm in actually covers the base and also has a ward. to which i spoke in this last sunday, like yesterday, where i bombed the talk but thanks to two other speakers it really didn't matter what i said, also the ward is extremely young everybody has kids that are under the age of 9 and has about 3-4 of them so this is a really really young ward which is so cool, also Ozark is mission famous for people feeding missionaries. so yes i will come back twice the person as when i left. and since reporting on that i'm now offically 150 lbs. a total of 15 lbs gained so far. while i don't see where the weight went, i'm now... bigger, i suppose.

now for the Apartment, there are four of us in one apartment which has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, kind of small but not to small. so my companion is Elder Kanis who is from Davis County, he's a big kid who likes to play rugbee. and has been out for 3 months so it's his 3rd transfer. then the other Companionship is Elder O'ninies or Elder O he's from Colorado Parker area and reminds me of the twins, he's very athletic and has blond hair and is super sarcastic and right now is Training Elder Cox who is from around Hill Air Force Base. he's a greenie but is getting his head on straight pretty quick and is starting to understand what missionary work is. he's getting it, something that i don't get until well about a month ago now. so he's doing good.

as for what i've learned, it's that obtaining knowledge takes time and effort, it takes asking good questions, so we can find good answers, something i've been struggling with. but i'm trying to improve on. which is what we are supposed to do.

well that's the thought for the day. i'm trying to do my best, and that's all that matters.

Address is
79B Woodview Drive
Ozark AL 36360

I love you all.

that is all

Elder Gillespie

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