Monday, April 12, 2010

Moving on a fast day

Hi y'all

The Draft is up and Elder Gillespie is going to... Ozark South with Elder Kanis, i don't know what he's like or what the area is like but does it matter? anyway this means that all of today i get to pack up and get all my chickens in a line and everything to fit into two suit cases, by the way could anyone use two suits, i've got five and i think i'll only need three.

hey does anybody know when the best time to move is? yep you guessed it sunday afternoon during fast sunday, our posse of missionaries and priesthood leaders moved 3 people into their houses so yesterday was fun, it really was, it was the first time that i've gotten to do real service.

perfect timing too spring break is up and everything is going to start getting hot. and i'll be away from the gulf, about 2.5 to 3 hours north of where i currently am.

well this week we had another wonderful week with Zone Conference, where i learned that Satan does a very good job at what he does, and I've noticed that he'll often use truth mixed in with one lie, which completely destroys either confidence or trust with other people. Once he's done that he'll then start putting on a little weight at a time nothing that's yours but he'll put on those little weights and then once you have those he'll then put on more and more. that sounds like scripture, "and he'll carefully lead them down to hell." I know that once we repented that those things that we did aren't ours anymore nor should they be. when we then start putting those weights back on, it's just the devil doing it, so don't let him do it. drop the weight and move forward and upward. that is what i've learned this week.

the other thing which isn't really new, but then again no one has had an orginial thought, is that the spirit often teaches us and then requires us to do something to increase our knowledge, and then the choice is up to us to do it. to be defiant to the world and serve god or to just wait for something else to do. for example, if you get interested in a class and say you learn about the nervous system in class then next step to learn is to read out of a book and then once you've done that then you see how it works with all of the other parts of the human body, then you could go to a specialist and then study under them... and the process continues the more we put into learning the more we get out of it. wow i just taught "myself". the real teacher isn't here but is with us constantly if we are trying our best to follow the commandments.

so yeah another sad week has past with leaving the Beach one more time but who knows maybe in a couple of months i'll be back i still have 18 more months left. a long time but also a short time.

well I love all of you.
Elder Gillespie

Jethroybn. Lincon is so funny, I laughed so hard when i heard about jesus in the pool and when he started striping down. i'm suprised that you were able to swim in St. George i thought utah was still in snow.

Janben It sounded like a crazy adventure this past week which i'm glad that i wasn't a part of especially the car ride. and jan you are progressing you just can't see it yet, i feel the same way. everybody tells me that since i've been back but i don't see it, i guess you'll have to see it your self when i get back and i can tell you how much you've grown. deal? deal!

Toniben ben that was probably one of the best top tens i've ever seen infact i'm going to forward that to myself. toni keep up the good work.

Beetle it's nice to get out and to see the world that's what somebody told us this week while we helped them move, which was fast sunday, anyways enjoy it and i'll try to do the same.

love uplifts and i love you all.

Elder Matthew Gillespie

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