Monday, April 26, 2010

Persistence and Love

Hello Everybody!!!

well it's time for CrAzY UnClE Elder Gillespie's story time. this story takes place in a far off world in Ozark, a tiny little town where the people are nice the streets are clean and people take pride in what they do. well this was the first time that Mr. Elder Gillespie had ever been to this place, not only that he was with a great person. named Elder Kanis, now here is the sad part of the story, as what happens in the real world sometimes people just rub off the wrong way. but the great part of the story is that people always have the opportunity to change, and usually when these things happen both people change a lot, and for the better, which is what has happened, so now me and Elder Kanis are now working together towards being better people, now this doesn't happen over night. what it takes is patience, Persistence and love. which is the moral of the story for today. that while people might not like you and disagree with you, we have the chance to change who we are and from there become the person that the world needs or what God needs for it to be a better place. we have to push forward towards a righteous or healthy goal, and it works a lot easier and better when you let God in to help out where you just can't do it yourself.

Now here are a couple of people that we are working with, which is the most important part of missionary work, besides being in the right spirit. so we are working with a few couples Anthony and Victoria, a couple who just recently decided to get married, not that we told them but that they feel like it's the right thing to do. and all this comes about because of prayer and willing to act on a prayer. they prayed for peace in their life, and then we knock on their door, (well O'niones and Kanis did) and then they let them in. which is what prayer really is, it's a sincere desire for something and then going to go out and work for it, which applies in all things.

Another Couple is Junior and Lagina (sp?) another couple with the same problems, wanting to get baptized but need to get married. and they don't want to get married until Junior has a job which again we need to pray in faith, willing to go out and act, or trusting in God that he'll provide while we go out.

and finally Kimberly Vance who has made the final steps and is going to be baptized tomorrow, and then will be moving to Hawaii but what i've heard is that she taught herself the gospel and we missionaries have only been there to reassure her what is right. and in the process have reactivated the husband.

So the Moral of the story is to stay in the right spirit, to do the small things to let God into our life, by reading our scriptures, by praying and then going out to act, by being obedient to the commandments and covenants we have made and finally going out and helping others, weather big or small. it's the actions that will help us make a better world.

so I love you guys and next week I'll have some awesome stories to share with ya'll


Elder Gillespie

Mom I love you SOOO Much, your words of wisdom are beyond me and my tiny little thick brain. which i'm very sure i have.

Jan How are you liking the heat now right now it feel like it's summer for me, and we really haven't even hit it yet... oh boy....

Thad, umm... i'll try that but i don't think i'm supposed to do that on a military base where i've been told not to do that, soo.... i'll answer questions if they ask them though. and we don't live on "post" that is the official term to use not army base it's a post

Ben, I wouldn't be to worried about it mostly because that happened to me quite a bit when i was younger, a lot of the time i would just be home without any supervision for 5-6 hours at a time and one time i just got scared when that happened so i called grandma and she came over and picked me up. so i think that anna will be fine nothing really has made me a crazy killer, maybe a little of my rocker, but who isn't plus she'll be in good hands.

Toni what are your thoughts about this whole thing going down,

Jethrobyn. Congrats on the master class being done but not so happy about the whole still teaching and having to put up with kids who are probably now not the easiest to take responsibility over.

Camille please keep me updated about anyother people and their missions.

Dad get better

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