Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Hello Everybody

This week has been crazy, first of all we had transfers this week and so that meant that Elder Kanis needed to start packing up for the big move, and he went to De Funiak Spring Florida. and instead of being with Elder Crawford, i'm now with Elder Butikofer, he's from Idaho and he's really cool and a fun guy to be around. (sorry coach, but it's the truth) he's funny and reminds me of myself actually he's a hard worker and loves to have fun no matter what's going on. We have had some amazing experiences so far, he doesn't mind going tracting and so we try to do it as much as we can, which has actually ended up being very eventful.

First we started talking to a lot of people and a lot of people have taken quite a bit of material which has been a miracle.

Second since we started knocking we have been able to run into 3 Less Actives and are now trying to find their records so they can be a part of the ward. all of them seem pretty dang cool.

Third Elder Butikofer just fits in with every house hold, and have been able to get into peoples houses which before i wasn't able to get into.

Fourth we have gotten some pretty good referrals so far. one came yesterday, her name is Jennie she got referred by a friend so we went to her house and talked to her for a while and she just wants to read for herself but she seems so ready for the gospel.

Fifth he actually seems interested in what i say and wants to do stuff, and also is really big in to exercise so i think i'll be able to get pretty big this transfer.

Sixth as a "family" me Butikofer, O'niones, and Cox have come together to set some house rules or family rules, along with family Goals and Family themes nights. which so far have been really fun to do. and i'll tell more when i get home It'll be really fun to do.

Seventh it's like we just work together so well, so we should have some fun stories and hopefully we'll be able to be together for a while.

Eight We as a family got a new exercise piece of equipment, it's a full on weight machine be we still haven't quite put it all together, it's the dang cables and pullies that we don't understand how they go.

So all in all i could continue this list but it's just so easy to say that everything is just going the right way and i don't feel like i really deserve that. but maybe i'll help out the next place i'm at. this is going to be a great.

Janben, Way to go on the spanish language and i can't believe that your almost ready to go back to San Antonio, i can remember when mom and dad helped you guys move down their that was so quick i can't believe it.... does time just continue to go faster the older you get?

Jethroybn, your kids are adorable and you guys are doing great and i can't believe that it's summertime for school again. jethro your awesome, keep up the good work.

Toniben, Ben your job sounds like your the middle man between the engineers and the sales people, so you have to speak like 2 different languages and you have to understand all of what the customer wants, it sounds like your going to be in for a ride but the other thing is that you've always been able to go from the small fish to the big fish, so i think you'll own the company soon or at least be able to do something that will change the world.

Thad how's the work going? how do you keep yourself from not dying with that crazy work schedule? do you have too much free time or are you actually doing work? or to put it better do you know what's going on?

Beetle I got your letter and it was awesome i don't know if you sent another one but i got the one with some stickers and it was right after the phone call. I liked it a lot thank you again I miss you too and it's fun to hear about all the crazy things going on. but i can totally understand how to look on the bright side.

Elder Gillespie

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Brandon and Stephanie said...

Matt, he is lying and decietful, as most Idahoans are watch out!!!