Monday, June 21, 2010

One final farewell. . .

What's up Buddy!

well everything is going really good down here on Fort Rucker. the members are feeding us very well and we keep helping people move in or preach the gospel.

so first of all the biggest thing is that we got Meka to come to church this week, she's a great lady from Wal-mart who just loves being friendly to us, well we had a great time in a lesson with her on Friday it was really good and we had member come with us which makes lessons so much easier, well anyways after the lesson we helped her get some stuff out of her old apartment and it was just a neat experience to help her out not only spiritually but also physically.

the other neat thing this week was we went tracting in a neighborhood and we were able to teach somebody and even have a return appointment, something that doesn't really happen it's really cool her name is Betty Mathew she's again a sweet lady and had talked to the missionaries before and i think she really liked what we presented so hopefully this will turn out to be a really good thing and we'll be able to help her along the way along with us.

other than that life has been marching on faster and faster than i can imagine, it feel like i just got out of this library to email you guys and now i'm back in here doing it again.

alright other than that the neat experience that i had was we went to a surprise party for President Summerhays to wish him one final goodbye and to see him one more time, can i just tell you that he is just such a great man and has changed my life for the better and i'll be indebted to him forever, but i guess that's what all the missionaries say about their Mission President. well anyways I'm going to miss them quite a bit, but it really doesn't matter who it is. all that matters is if i'm doing what's right day by day and if the person above me is doing what's right day by day, and then finally if i'm serving the lord with all my strength and might and mind and soul. because at the end of the day that's the person i report to.

well this has been a short letter but i must admit it's just like every other week. sleep, eat, preach, repeat.

I love you guys and i'll send you an update as soon as i get to know the new mission president, President Jensen.

Ben, that movie sounds powerful so your going to have to buy it so i can watch it as soon as i get back. and to answer your question, when i don't respond it's because you either don't ask me questions or i just don't get an email. you might of last week but i might of sent it before i got it, FYI.

Jethrothad Sounds like it's always a party with you guys and thad you've been up and down so many times from Logan I just can't believe it. but your doing quite a good job sub-ing for me and beetle, thanks and jethro way to be the man of the house and i can tell that not taking a job has really been a blessing not only for robyn but also the kids and yourself. you are doing what your supposed to be doing. and the lord will provide for what you need.

Robyn I can't believe that Sophiemargot is starting to walk, it doesn't seem possible when i left she was still just a little ball you just held and occasionally had to pull back from the table. so she wouldn't grab stuff. also the kids should not be talking so much by the time i get back I'll actually be able to understand them, which is freaking me out just a bit. as for the stuff, just send some extra love maybe a good old cd that would be nice.

Beetle can you believe that you only have like 4 transfers left you'll have to tell me as soon as you know about where your going during your next transfer which is coming up!!! and you'll have to take care of all the youngens when you get back, for me please....

Mom it's alright to talk about home and what you've done in the week, it makes it more personal than just uplifting words, not to shoot you down but i'm reading those things all day everyday, it's just nice to have a little break to know how you are doing.

to everyone else Please Email so i can write you back. No matter what you say it's important and I do miss you.

Elder Gillespie

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