Monday, June 7, 2010


Ello Everybody,

well I guess a little from the front of the south, yes i'm becoming a true dixie, well probably not but it's fun to say anyways, so cool things in the week. well umm... nothing much has changed we still do the same thing everyday, visit less active members, tracting and eat food with poeple. One interesting thing that is going on is that some of the people we visited came to church this last week which was a really good success, it's always amazing to see the fire rebuilding in someones life. i guess that's what i'm here to do, to help people feel the spirit and come closer to Christ.

so now to something else, this week i've been studying in Jesus the Christ, and like everyone says the first part didn't really make sense but later on it makes so much more, and that's what i've found out, that the cool thing that i didn't realize before is that Jesus was just like each and everyone of us, he learned how to tie his shoes the same way and he learned that fires are hot and you shouldn't put your hand in it because it'll burn you, which is why i think he often talked about children as being the people that will enter into heaven, because they are so easy to influence that they can be changed into the people that god needs in his kingdom. the other cool thing is that no matter whay you read in the book of mormon you can always find something new and exciting that means so much to you on an individual level. and it's something that I need to improve on, instead of just reading be a pupil to god and learn what he wants me to learn. to be more observant. other than that i feel like i'm becoming more and more the person that i need to be.

well away from the spiritual side and to the fun side. we had a year mark party this last week, it was O'niones year mark and to celebrate we made a giant card, had a lot of streamer paper, lots of balloons and a cake. all in all a great success. so what we did is we started making a cake and then went to decorating the balloons and the room well to our surprise o'niones comes home early so we then shuffled him to his room blind folded and told him to wait till we were done. we then hurried to complete filling the 200 balloons and decorating the cake. which we did in no time at all. we then put all the balloons in the hallway and set a fan to blow into it to keep the balloons moving and to keep them from flying out we made a streamer tape mesh guard in the opening of the hallway. so at that point of having everything done we then let O' out of the room to celebrate which he did, all in all a great success. and to be one of the best year mark parties that anyone has ever had.

so now to something completely different, this week has also been a really great one to teach lessons over the last couple of days we have had the opportunity to really get to know and to teach powerfully, the first is Mekhah she's a really great lady who had a lot of trouble the last couple of weeks so she was really open to get to know us and has the potential to go really far. the other lesson that me and Elder Butikofer, was with Anthony we've been teaching him for a while but yesterday he really asked some good questions, that he was honestly asking, and i know that he got the answers he was in need of. which was a really cool experience. umm...

The work is going on and everything seems to be going really good, i'm happy and exhausted. just like every missionary should be.

Love Elder Matthew Gillespie

Toni you should keep writing because it's not boring and it also offers a different insight on how your doing, it also allows you to figure out what your problems are and what you should do to solve the situation. but i guess that doesn't always works with a two year old.

Thad. way to go on the roof, I bet that it went up faster than you even realized, especially with both Jethro and Dad both excellent at learning/figuring out how to roof.

Robyn those pictures are adorable and something that i can hardly wait to see. all those little guys we're going to have so many adventures when beetle and me get back you just won't know what to do.

Jethro. your advice couldn't have been any better, and goes along with what my mission president said today, that unless we commit ourselves to doing the best that we can then the lord will commit to bless us with all that he has.

Mom I love you SOOO MUCH and it sounds like you've had quite an experience this week so much so that grandma was so excited. i hope you guys kept good notes so i could relive it with you later, oh wait I don't have to do that because it'll keep on happening to every time there is a grandchild. by the way how are all the cousins. toby and zach and such.

Dad I don't quite believe you about you heath but you'll have to give me an update next week about the Dr. visit. but if you aren't lying then i'm so glad that you are feeling better.

Beetle you're awesome and i miss you but like you said we're in this together.

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