Monday, January 31, 2011

Insomnia is a beautiful thing

Hello everybody, here's the low down of what's going on and how fast the week is going and the transfers are flying by. so monday was just a crazy day and we got everything done that we needed to get done, and it seems like there is never enough time to do everything, i wonder if that ever changes....

Tuesday was a day where we just had so much to do and hardly any time again to do anything. with district mtg. a lesson with sis Simmons, and meeting a less active member and setting up a time with her for friday where we could read the scriptures with her.  Then a neat experience with the campus elders getting someone a bike who really needs it. so it was really cool. dinner with a really cool member and the Spanish elders. so that was tuesday and a little bit about the meeting with sis simmons is that she had to move it to the next day and we were then going to help her teach her friend. so we were super excited about that.  which then leads us to Wednesday.

We do our usual routine with doing service at the McD's house and sorting a lot of bottle tabs. so that was neat. then after lunch going and visiting with Sis Simmons and her friend, who is a lady who is in her 60's African American a little bit larger and can speak in tongues, so that was an interesting experience when she started all of a sudden because gospel music was playing and then she started speaking and I was fine with it but Hibbert and Hammond were having a really hard time keeping a straight face, which was funny, Hibbert had to excuse himself out of the room to get his composure back. so that was probably the highlight of the day,

Thursday, service at the capitol and having a visit with some recent converts and less active visits that day.  The Harris' was a lot of fun and we discussed a little about the priesthood and what it means and read a chapter with them and it really reminded me of the whole waking up at the crack of dawn to read scriptures with everyone in the morning and how i miss that now. So that's kind of what happened there, we then had a visit with Roslyn and had a fun time just chatting and getting the info of her son playing soccer and how the coach doesn't know how it's played. but learned from the internet. so we kind of were voluntold to help out with soccer.  We then had a great time with a member taking us out to southern BBQ which we are definitely doing when i get back, because nothing tastes better than some smoked ribs that have been a simmerin' for the last 8+ hours, then adding some sweet BBQ sause. ummm... definitely a treat. then some night visits

Friday the day of weekly planning but we were invited to play some disc golf with a less active which was really cool and i realize that i'm not good at Disc Golf. but we had a lot of fun. so we then after lunch had a great lesson with a less active who was just having a hard time and we were able to help her just put God first in her life and she'll be able to move through her other problems, and we all started doing a scripture application so this week was charity which was found in Moroni 7 and a very good good lesson.  Then we headed down to Woodville, a little town where a few member live and were teaching a 7 year old right before he's baptized and also his older siblings, which is a really neat experience. and the fact that it's really not that difficult to understand that we are here to become better than who we once were. so that's the cool thing about friday.

Saturday we just did service pretty much all day putting up a really easy clothes line and also just doing odd jobs. In fact we were in our shirts and ties when we knocked on a less active, part member home where he needed help pulling up a floor and moving a toilet and getting him ready to put some tile in the bathroom, So we got him to the point where he just needed to put down the glue and from there set them down. This was all spontaneous and random and in our ties and everything.  I felt very accomplished because i knew how to do pretty much all of it, thanks dad. We also had a huge meal that night where i actually almost wanted to throw up because i ate so much, much like thanksgiving, but eating too much is a bad idea.

Sunday was kind of just a slow day were we just did our routine and saw a lot of people or tried too, it was hard because most of  them weren't home. at least the ones who weren't at church.

well that takes us to today, and so far nothing really exciting has happened other than the fact that we got to play roller hockey this morning. so that's my life in a week, and i'm not getting transferred probably for a while. so i'm excited about that.

other than that my life is pretty boring.


Elder Gillespie

Jan you are growing up so fast and i can't even believe it, it's really weird to think that you are taking care of three young kids and a husband. and getting your own place and everything. pretty dang cool. and i'll try to come down when i can.

Jethrobyn. that story is so funny, and it sounds like lincoln's pooping problem hasn't changed much since he was a kid. man it sounds like a blast there. and sophie's scream was so cute and funny. i loved it, and who knows soon you'll be able to just take the kids to the park without any problems.

Thad. your life sounds miserable but i think you're taking out all of the other fun parts that you've done and the fact that BKE is still the coolest part in Logan.

Beetle, you worry too much just keep doing what your suppose to and you'll find out that everything is going to work out and that you really don't need to worry too much about anything. don't get stuck in the drama your to cool for that.

a delicious meal provided by Hammond

a foggy day in Tallahassee

the man van

the state capitol both old and new 

an old christmas pic

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