Monday, March 14, 2011

A Birthday Celebration!

This week has been pretty darn good and nothing really exciting has happened, so what has happened is this Tuesday we had our big old half mission conference and it was pretty neat we learned how started and how it came about and how through getting our name out there we are starting to come more and more out of the woodwork, which is pretty exciting. So with that is really trying to get people to make a profile for it, and what we learned from it, is to be yourself while your writing your profile, and make it your story, which is what is original and neat for every individual. although you might not think you have and original story, well to be blunt you're wrong. Your story is unique and different than anyone else so go out and make your story your own. and if you aren't sure that it's quite right it'll be reviewed to make sure that you aren't going to get tracked down and someone steal you identity. so be original with how you came to be a "Mormon". it's a nice time to reflect on your life and to see what and who you really are.

so that leads us to the next day where we did service again at the McD's house sorting bottle tabs from cans of soda. i know a lot of fun. we get to use a magnet and see which ones are magnetic or metal and leave all the aluminum behind. it's really sad to see how much people drink those beverages. that day was also a really good day we were able to talk to a lady who really needed some help and had already talked to missionaries before just this time she's going to start going somewhere, when later in the week we found out that she's moving somewhere we don't know, and we can't help her. or she won't let us. so that day we also got a referral for a guy who wanted a bible, so we gave him one and also a book of mormon, which he was very thankful for. and we trying to meet up again with him.  than we had a great dinner with one of my favorite families and they were really nice that they even bought me a birthday cake, i felt very honored. so it was a wonderful day with some wonderful messages.

Thursday, a Crazy day at the historic state capitol, this last week the house and senate started their sessions. So, we had a lot of people show up to "talk" to their representatives, and there were quite a few rallies going on. It's kind a weird to see all these people with their ideas of how the government should be run and how they should continue to cut taxes and still pay for their social security, I don't know how that's going to work or how Florida is going to keep up with everything but i think that it'll all be resolved soon. Oh. and we had a great lunch with a member from Dothan who elder Hammond got to know really well and it was really neat to see them interact with each other. and i saw something that's truly southern Shrimp and Grits.  Ummmm Tasty!!! also we are going to have a shrimp boil when I get back, you'll all enjoy it!

So Friday, Friday, Friday, that was a day where we continued to plan for the up coming week and what we needed to do. so overall a really good day, in fact we were able to see a member and then a door or two down a fire truck pulls up, and then a few minutes later cop cars and then an ambulance, so we were just talking and watching while a cops episode unfolded before us. so that was really really weird and quite interesting. and that day everything fell through, so not always the best. we had dinner with a great couple and their friends, we had grilled ribs, now I'll be honest i had never really had ribs before the mission  but since being here I've fell in love with them. so this grilled version of ribs was good, but it could of been better, the rule I've found with ribs is, the slower longer cooking the better they turn out. so anyways a delicious meal of ribs and such.

Saturday, we went and helped out at a family history fair which was held at the church so that was pretty cool, then we did some service for a member it was a lot of fun, I helped clean off the roof of his house. it was really cool, then had a great dinner where we found out one of the young women has a crush on one of us missionaries, which is really really awkward and funny at the same time, especially when it's not you.

Sunday was really cool we're able to teach gospel doctrine class and it was about prophets, and we found out that one of the people in there wasn't a member so we emphasized the importance of the different prophets and what each of their roles are, and help everyone understand Joseph Smith more. so that was really cool and just really relaxed and people felt really comfortable there which is the best and a delicious dinner at the same members who we did service for on Saturday. so far a really good week.

Jethrobyn you are so lucky to do your thesis, and just think your writing a small book, and your going to have to know every page front and back, that really sounds like so much fun.... maybe? but keep up the good work, and keep loving and doing fun things, that's what makes life a lot more fun and memorable.

Mom i do know the Hills at Fort Rucker they are just such a fun family it's so cool that they were able to tell you those funny stories. i had a lot of great memories and fun times there. I'm glad that they enjoyed it too.

Beetle WHAT!?! your going to cali for your last semester at school, that's so cool. learn how to surf and stuff i think that would be epic. one of the missionaries out here told us about underwater rock running, sounds like a lot of fun, try it out. just remember boys are stupid. and i feel the same way when I'm talking to people that after their comment if i were to say anything it would be like pulling out a trump card, so i just stay on the quiet side of life.

Dad. i really like your insight as far as the miracles i think that's a very true statement, which makes me continue to think what i could do. or need to do, to follow and become whole.

thanks to all for reading and please continue to think of interesting experience to share with others.


Elder Matthew Gillespie

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