Monday, March 28, 2011

One Way to the Top. . .

Hello everybody.

so the south is a different kind of place to be... and the major reason i'd say that is
 first it feels like it's almost may or june. and it's still only march,
 second. the bugs down here are again coming out, well because it feels like it may or june.
 third. time doesn't seem to change. again it feels like may or june, and it'll continue from now until october, but in the middle is when it get's so hot that no matter what you try to do to keep cool your still always sweating. Ex. every morning now it feels exactly the same as when we go into bed, so it's still really really warm and humid. kinda weird.

well enough about the weather. on to the main event

So this week has been fun and exciting, first and foremost. we have been doing a lot of work with the high priests. mainly finding people who haven't been seen in a long time and we wonder if they are still there... so we have been going out to track down and see if these individuals are still interested in the church and what is going on. now about half of the people we have visited don't live there anymore, and then split that up again and the first half is not interested anymore and the other half are people who are but just don't have the support system to come to church. something this ward has had problems with.

so one lady we were able to visit we got to her door and there were three dogs barking at us through a fence and two of them were little drop kick dogs. and the other was like a pit bull. something i wasn't going to mess with neither were my comps. so she came to let us in and at first it was really kinda awkward, but it turned out to be just fine, she just hadn't had any contact in over a year. not that she isn't interested in hearing more it just that she can't make it out to church, so we asked her to come to church and she said she would consider it, and would try to make an effort, and we found out that her husband may be interested to learning more, so we might have a good little conversation with her husband soon.

another lady, similar to the last, we visited and again it felt awkward at first but as we were outgoing and wanted to learn more about her life and what she wanted to do, we learned that she loves NASCAR and learning more about it and how it works and the different types of races, and she loves to do family history work, but she just doesn't quite see the need for organized religion. she let us teach a little bit and say a prayer with her. and then we left. and we were just kind of saying that when she wants to come back we are always ready for her, because she doesn't want to go back to southern baptist. so it was just interesting.

so those have been most of the meeting we have had this week, but the best one would probably be after visiting trying to find where a member lived and finding out that he wasn't there, we then headed out and turned right, and as we were going down we saw a car coming toward us and honking it's horn at us. and we thought that was really odd. then we saw two more cars coming towards us and low and behold we went down a one way street going the wrong way, so we soon got out of that mess with ourselves still intact just a little bit shaken from the experience. we are all on the lookout now not to get even close to doing that again.

between not dieing and finding old members, we had a great lesson with a less active who always wants us to come over to have bible study with her. so during this little lesson she brings her friends over and we had quite a little experience where we were able to set a BCD with her and starting her down the path we all want to be a part of. it was really exciting and quite cool to see that happen.

The highlight of the week, if we had to choose just one would have been when Bonnie and the Parks came to church, and it was the first time for both of them. in a long time. Bonnie is a member who just hasn't been in a long time. and the parks are Korean and a part member family, so it's was just really cool to have a great time with both of them and explaining more about the gospel, at least that's what I tried to do with the parks, and i think they started to understand more about how this place there is the most joy and happyness than any other place or thing in the world. to try and sum it up, it was full of the spirit and joy, that's what the meeting was about.

that's about all the highlights I can think of for the moment.

I love you all and i hope you keep doing well.

Love Elder Gillespie

Thad, as far as your question, find an activity that you enjoy and find time to do it, the other thing would be covered in President Uctdorf's talk about going back to the basics, and strenghten/rebuild your relationships, but personally i feel the best after a long prayer where i really get to talk about what's going on in my life and the goals that i set afterwards on becoming a better person.

Mom, thank you so much for the support. and i feel the same way as far as the whole ground hogs day feeling. just keep doing it over and over and over again. but like you said try to find the small miracles and the little things that make life worth living.

Dad don't hurt yourself/ over extend yourself. i know you love doing the most you can with your day, so i can't blame you for that, i guess if you can try to just take a nap when you can.

Jethro, What? Seattle that must of been kind of crazy you had just a random art confrence... and finishing your thesis in just a couple of months, and writing a paper that's a small novel? you are ambitious  and going to Italy who set all of these things up? who ever it is don't forget the basics. the CPR for your soul Church Pray and Read the book of mormon.

Robyn. that's really cool a nice little break from the kids and visiting probably the only place in utah that's actually nice this time of year excluding St. George. you'll have to put up some of the pics again.

Ben G.  Don't worry to much about the whole not writing, i'd love to hear from you and know what's going on in your life and what's the big thing for the week, and i think you had a smart move with Adobe. keep being a great dad.

Janben... what's going on i hear rumors about moving somewhere but I still don't know where. what's the EXCITING NEWS!!!

Beetle. Chico state Eh.? sounds a bit crazy and exciting. do you think you'll be staying out there for work and stuff? what's going on in that very smart brain of yours.

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