Monday, March 21, 2011

Left Foot Right Foot

Hello Everybody!

so this week has been quite a different week than most. so it was transfer week, and we started out a Tuesday with it being the district meeting and just getting a regular tuesday, something we haven't had in almost a month. march was kind of weird, with ZLC to Packer to conferences and then finally back to "normal" so it's been crazy as of late. so tuesday was good then Wednesday, what a day, so we had a big group come in this transfer with 11 missionaries, so it was kind of nuts. and with all those kids we then had to get them on their ways. but with all those kids Sis. Jensen really needed some help because 8 were coming back to go home. and as any good host or hostess knows that you can't have people sleep in the same sheets as somebody else. and you always have to have a good clean bathroom, So... we help her clean up the house and help her with everything just so she wouldn't be super stressed and worried that everything wouldn't be done. which was really cool to get a house back in order, so we had a really good time with her getting to know her more and more. and she is a really neat lady. so again Wednesday was not a normal day

which leads to Thursday, and that was a really stress relieving day, because it was again back in order we did the same thing we normally do, and got a lot of things done that day. so a little overview just like every Thursday we did service at the capitol, met with some less actives and ate dinner with a member. but a little bit of a difference was that we needed to plan for the up coming week, which we would usually do on a Friday but I'll explain later. so that was Thursday

Friday... What a Beautiful day!  except that we were stuck in a car all day. So we decided with the car czar who wants to know more and more about the areas that our in our zone, so he said that he would like to take some days with us and visit all the areas and meet the companionship and get to know each one individually, so about 3 weeks ago we visited about half of the mission and this Friday we finished it off. so we visited 1st ward, Madison, and perry, and as far as perry no one is down there right now so it was interesting to see what it would be like and see if it would be reasonable to send a set down there. and we were quite surprised to see a town that seems bigger than a lot of other places that we have missionaries in. i don't know why they don't have a set but I'm just a missionary who's been out just over a year. so it's been kind of neat to see everything in the zone and not to brag or anything but we have awesome missionaries here in the Tallahassee zone. so we spent most of the day in the car, on Friday, but the coolest thing was the Madison elders had two people ready for baptism and we got to do the interviews. I was happy and excited about that.

So Saturday it sounds like this should be a regular type of a day right, well your right and your wrong. and it's because of the same thing, we had all of our plans fall through so your right because that's what happens on a regular day, and wrong because all of our plans fell through. so we were doing a lot of things on saturday, trying really to get done with the list that the high priests have given us, but i think we only got about a 5th to a 6th of it done. so we still have people to visit. but we did accomplish quite a bit and got to know the area a lot better. so over all not the best but not the worst

SUNDAY!!! i'm just going to say Sundays are the best, not only does it feel different than all the other days, but it's just got so much more relaxation, from everyone else. so i was really happy about that, and being able to just recharge, you might say. so that's just the overall feeling of Sunday for myself. church, working after was good. dinner was good. and studies was fantastic. it was just really good to get to relax a little bit. even though we went tracting and a woman yelled through her door. "GET OFF MY PROPERTY NOW!" it was cute.

overall a good week and a lot of fun. some funny stories

Love you all

Elder Gillespie

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