Monday, March 7, 2011

Color of Your Energy

Well anyways it is a great week to be alive and that's not a lie, so what was it about this week that made it so memorable.  well Tuesday was about the same except it was p-day rather than a normal working day.... umm... i don't know if we told you but we were told about a part member family who wanted to hear the lessons again, and the cool thing is that they are both from Korea and are here to go school and all that other fun stuff, and she, the wife isn't a member so we are teaching her and she understands some of what we are saying but not everything so it's different to work with but we are excited. she knows what it's like to feel the spirit and that's what she wants, so we are working with that little language barrier. 

we also had a great lesson at sis Simmon's house, she's a "woman of god" and is always trying to get more and more of her friends over to her house to listen to us/ have bible study, which has turned out really well so I'm excited to see what else happens. one of her friends ruby has been there a few times and it's really been spiritual so we'll find out what happens with that, I'll keep you posted.

we also with Elder Packer coming have refocused on what we really should be doing so we now have more of a plan to what to do with what we have, so to put it in a nut shell, we visit less active members who have been given to us by the ward to visit and when we are out there we knock on a few doors around to find more people. so there you go, I'll let you know when we finally find the end of the lists we have been given.

so just an adventure that we have been having, was this last couple of days our new gas card came so we decide to cut it up and throw it away so no one else could use it, well we now have a problem the new gas card doesn't take affect till April and the old one would of expired at the end of march, but we didn't know that at the time so we now have a month were we have to go to the mission office to get a gas card to fill up, so it's been a bit different than most months i guess.

Also we went golfing today, which is the first time I've ever played golf so I'm proud to say that i am not that good, and that there were a few lost balls today. but it was a lot of fun.

other than that it's been kind of a average week, we celebrated Hammond's birthday he's now officially 21 so he can buy alcohol.  and I'll join him in a few hours and such, so that's really neat.

oh this week we are having a conference about so that is going to be really fun, and learn a lot from the head guys in SLC. so I'll give some pointer that i will received this week in next weeks email.

I love you guys and keep up the good work, it's spring break here so enjoy out there. the nice 75-80 degree weather, and when summer comes around you'll be enjoying that more than myself.


Elder Gillespie

Jan I'm glad you are still playing that game it really makes a difference i know and I'm glad you can feel it too. that was the best gift to me.

Ben F. it's OK, I'm excited to hear where you are going so feel free to write about that, and all the fun things you want to accomplish there so keep me updated when and where you'll be going, if you can.

Ben G. That party sounds amazing, but i thought that omniture was bought out? so how are they still holding omniture parties? anyways if you can try and get some more of those cool shirts from Omniture i think they really cool.

Beet. you are just a little animal out there! way to get out of your bubble and get going. and i would agree if Thad doesn't agree, don't do it. and I'm a little bit jealous of the temple trip thing. keep up the good work and follow the spirit.

Sophie. thank you for the birthday reminder and i still can't believe your married that's so bizarre to me. we are definitely going to do some catching up later.

Love you all. and new game for next week,

when you write back think of your significant other and try to put a color with their personality and describe why they would be that color. If you don't have a significant other find someone in your family Ex. brother finds a color for a sister and vice versa, just as an example. and write me next week and tell me.


Elder Gillespie

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