Monday, November 9, 2009

6 degrees of Bus Gillespie

hey Parents
this week has been much better than last week and we had a lot of success.

So first of all it seems that no matter where any of us children go we all seem to run into people that know's Bus Gillespie. and this week was no exception... so this week in Panama City Beach there was an offical Iron Man race, which happened on saturday. then on sunday all those who were competeing and mormon then came to our sacrament meeting, on the way to sacrament meeting somone came in and then started a conversation with the elders. (which I'm finding to be a common practice, even when i don't know anyone) well the conversation went on and it came up that i was from provo and this gentleman was also from provo, and then from the edgemont area, and then lifted weights with a person named Bus Gillespie, and low and behold that's my dad. well the person who was talking to me was Craig Donaldson. so i say small tender mercy of the lord.

ok so now that story time is over i guess I forgot to inform you on what's going down here. and if i'm rehearsing somethings well you can skip... so first of all i've got two trainers one who reminds me of craig swindlehurst and also looks like a mini linebacker and has goldenish eyes, he's been out for about 20 months and is called Elder Norman. as for my other companion he is call Elder Wood he reminds me of Kris Gillespie and is built like me except add a few more pounds. so these are my companions. now we live in a nice area with hurricane proof houses. and we live above a garage, a two car garage, also called a mother in-law suit. and live with a member family called the combs family. as for their address it's

308 coconut grove court
Panama City Beach Florida 32407

which will be my address until probably dec 13th, or the next transfer.

so now to the other stories of the mission. so the last week nothing really amazing happened, but just a lot of little miricles of people knowing where i live and knowing people of the family. etc. etc...

but one really amazing thing is we had a contact with a member invited he's friend to be taught by us. well to explain it better this member friend lived here than moved to delaware, but the Investiagor called him to talk to us. and the delaware guy called us gave us his info and then we talked to the investigatior. so i think that makes sense. anyways his name is Matt Easterwood and he is really wanting to know about what is the true church and wants to change from what is. so the first meeting with him we then challenged him to be baptized and his date is the 5 of december. so that was something really big for us. and i'm excited for him.

as for a normal day here.
we wake up at 630 then exercise and eat breakfast till 730
at 730 personal study
830 companionship study
and then we actually leave at about 10 am
then we try to contact less actives or try to have an appointment. then it's usually lunch so we either come back or eat out for an hour.
after that we continue trying to find people and contacting less actives till dinner, which we usually have with a member family for an hour and what they serve isn't that much different than what is sereved at home.
then we aren't supposed to come in till 9pm. once were home we then plan for the next day and then get ready for bed. so nothing really exciting.

for those who are wondering no the hurricane has not hit yet and what it looks like is that it's going to be rainy and windy for the next couple of days but winds only 35 mph. so not to bad.

so just a few questions i have about home.
do you have my Drivers licence yet? could i get that in a package? could you send something for my companions who are really looking for a letter or something? could you also write letters that are tangable and send them to me?

Dad. your amazing and your letter really did help me put things in perspective and i'll try to write back soon.

Mom I love you so much!!! Your updates are always a happyness in my heart.

Thad Congrats on the Art Show i should have submited something before i left.

Jan that's exciting news your going to have to send pictures and letters of what happend.

Jethroybn I really wish i could have helped you with your move and i hope that the weather proves to be no problem. don't slip on the ice

Tonibengains I'm so excited that you can now have so many adventures together. at least till the end of the year.

Beetle I Miss you and your such a great and amazing person. and you'll have to tell me more about you experiences when we're back.

and for the rest of you. you should write me

With Much love

Elder Matt Gillespie

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