Monday, November 23, 2009

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Hello Everybody!

Well this week went by so fast, i can't hardly believe it... but i wouldn't have it any other way, i just hope it stays that way. so news...

i've decided to put the things missionaries like to do in a hierarchy of most fun to least.

1. Teach
2. Sleep
3. Eat
3.5 Get Mail/Write Letters
4. Service
5. Visit Members
6. Visit Less Actives
7. Tracting

so while we haven't really had much of one or two i'll tell you about three. so yesterday was the first real southern food i've had since i've got here, it was Oysters. now for those who don't want to get sick skip the next part

So an Oyster kind of smells like the great salt lake from a distance, then once you look at it, it looks like and feels like a giant spitwad. The way that your supposed to eat it is with a saltine cracker and hot sauce. So you put the Saltine Cracker on bottom, then get a tooth pick, pick up the oyster from the shell, after it's been shucked, and place it on the cracker. once at this step then apply hot sauce according to desired hotness. so once to this step then put in mouth and chew a bit then swallow. So that was the first experience i've had with Southern food. while i didn't really like it i was able to hold down my cookies while i had a half dozen or so. but i won't go and order any at a restaurant.

on to number four
so I havn't really spent to much time describing this in my other letters so i'll tell you a little bit of what type of service we have been doing here. so one of our members here had a fire in her house about two years ago and then started building a home right after, well she's still working on it and we as elders go over every weekend and work for about four hours on her house, and since i've been here all we have been doing is sheet rock, hanging, mudding, finishing, etc. etc. so thanks to dad i've been a good help to them, but it seems like no matter where i go i'm still doing same things as i would at home. but were making pretty good progress, the first week we had to fix most of the problems that the last time they tried to work on this house. the biggest problem was the sheet rock was hung vertically, not horizontally, which then left the end of the boards off of a stud. also sidenote. they are now making sheet rock boards 12 foot by 54 inches now, most of the stuff were using is 10x4 foot boards. so now were on the process of mudding and flipping the ceiling boards over, because they were put in upside down. so that's been a constant in missionary work.

another was helping out at the iron man with lost and found. while we really didn't do much it was really cool to see all the swimmers go out and then swim 2.1 miles. and get ready for the bike.

we also helped another member move her business out of an office and into her home, but that was on a fast sunday so i wasn't really able to help much, with my lack of fat.

so I think that'll do it for me today it's been a fast week but not much has happened. but I did recieve letters this week, and i thank all those who sent them, and i would encourage all to write more. it dosen't have to be much just tell me how things are going.

and just to everyone who reads
Guess what... I love all of you. (the mission will do funny things to a person)

Toniben. thanks for the update, while i would love to listen to his talk i can't really use headphones, and i'm checking my email in a library, so kind of awkward. also good idea with the rolls, and you should probably stop trying to subsitute ingrediants. and Ben florida is kind of wierd i actually live in the same time zone as Jan so beetle is 3 hours ahead.

Jan Congrats on the Garden it looks like the same ecosystem as i have out here. so i guess the summers are going really hot and humid. well were just going to have to wait and see.

Mom I love you so much and your letter means a lot to me, thanks for all that you do.

Jethroybn. Congrats on the HOUSE!!! i really can't wait to come and see it in 23 more months. Enjoy the holidays and i can't wait to see how cute everyone is!!!

Thad... yes. your comments with ben were great. but you should send some email/snailmail. and your almost done with college, congrats you really only have like 10 days left of class now weird, then you have to be a real person with a job. so i guess i'll give you slack until your done with school. then you have to write me.

Sophie I got your mail and it sounds like your doing fine, so just keep trucking.

Beetle I love you!!!

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