Monday, November 16, 2009

Fast-Ball was right

Good Morning Sunshine The Earth Says Hello!!!
so first of all it's still summer here it's been in the 70's since i've gotten here and when i wake up it's in the mid 50's so in my opinion it's still summer.

News. our investigator Matt kind of just stopped trying to contact us because he's mom is quite against the idea, but i think he'll come back if not this month then in a couple of years to come. but it's really sad to see him not accept it.

other than that nothing much has happend, we have been doing a lot of walking around because we are about to go over our miles for the month so that leaves us with walking. now you might be saying why don't you ride bikes, i don't know but my comps don't want to so we don't.

1. let's see what have I learned this week. mostly the personal relvelation is great.
2. that personal scripture study really gets the spirit into the room.
3. that there are really hard days when people really don't want to be taught but want to teach us.
4. Drunk people should be avoided.
5. when i send a letter it usually shows up about the same day as this letter and so I repeat myself.

this week and the last couple that i've been out here have been pretty slow. so to top it all off as a zone we went paintballing and it was really fun, and i'm pretty good at it.

Jethrobyn congrats on the house and i hope your move works out fine with it being during everything. hey you could even try to use thanksgiving for some helpers!

Toniben I Really enjoyed your letter and like beetle must concur that you continue to write that way, mostly because it reminds me of how you both work together and it's awesome. so I say YES!!!

Jan i hope your travels turn out to be just fine and hope that you can relax during your trip back.

Thad you should write even if it's only a couple of lines.
the same goes for all those in BKE that i know, or don't.

Mom and Dad i think my favorite scripture will be the Matthew 18 3-5 but you could take out 5 if you think that would work better.

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