Monday, November 2, 2009

Holy Crap One Month Gone!!!

Hey Everybody!!!

so it's been like two weeks since i've last contacted you all and for this I'm sorry, but if i did contact you it would have been against the rules. so anyways the flight out here was pretty bumpy we left the state during a snow storm at 7am but we had to be awake at 3am to catch the bus at 4am to get through security before 5am. so to put it simply i didn't have breakfast which was a bad idea, nausea is not a pleasant thing. so after taking off in a storm we then landed in Atlanta in a rain storm and after taking off in a rain storm we then landed in a lightning storm. so i had fun with that but others in my group did not. soon after getting off the plane the sisters in our group. (Alston, Brunson, and Hernadaze) found a lady crying in the bathroom who just found out her mother was dying so our group then gave her a blessing of comfort. weird, but awesome.

after that we meet with the mission prez. he is an amazing man, nigh unto Richard Wilkons' dad... hey they were both mission presidents. well anyways. i stand in awe of him and his calling, to bad he gets released in June. well we stayed one night in the mission home and then we were off to our area's i'm currently serving in the Panama City Beach area with two zone leaders as my trainers, one reminds me of Kris Gillespie, and the other Craig Swindlehurst. they are amazing and uber-spiritual.

we live above a garage of some members, the combs, and the wife reminds me of jan but she is a clean freak, well they have three kids the oldest is 14 and male, the rest are girls from ages 10 and 6 i think it's hard to tell the girls look the same from 6 to 9 and from 10 to 15 and then from 16 to 23 but they are the nicest people i've seen in a long time and all of this reminds me of home so that's a good sign.

the area is like Saint George, plus the hotels of Vegas, and the air of Hawaii. the houses are like Saint George big and very nice and all sorts of those things. Vegas, because there are hotels 20+ stories right on the beach that as soon as spring break come out are going to be full until the end of summer. and the climate is like Hawaii. so basically it's paradise and i think that for a family vacation we should come here over the winter months,

the beaches are amazing so they are white sand beaches with the texture of the sand like the consistency of freshly fallen powder and the beaches are about 50 deep and forever long. oh it's beautiful.

the members are super strong and we only have a branch here but the members are working really hard to get it to a ward. so that's what our goals are. it's really funny to watch the Florida people when it gets into the 60's they start layering up, while i've only been here a few days i've started to become more and more weak sauce when it comes to the cold, luckily i've got here at the beginning of the "cold season" so it's not so bad. and from what the other missionaries have said about this place is that it's the nicest place to be in the entire mission.

By the way i love you all, and i can't believe i've been gone for a month it's been the longest/shortest month of my life. thank you again for your support i would never be here with out it.

Thad. my advice is to take it to the lord, he knows a lot and he will help you if your willing to listen to him.

Mom your amazing

Ben it's good to know what's going on in the world of sports while i might not know what's really going on at least i have got some idea of who's on top and there i could make conversation with those who were contacting so don't stop.

Toni Just to let you know it was in the 80's when i got here and 80% humidity i think you might love it here.

Jan HAAAA!!! you got a dog!?! is it a puppy? is it nice? does it bite? well you are amazing

Beetle: you were right while we might not be in the same place, we're still doing the same work and crazy experience are all around us. know that i miss you and love you.

John and Dorothy Family your letter was unexpected but still much appreciation for it i'm so glad to hear that your family is doing great.

until next week good to hear from you all please feel free to write even if it's a couple of sentences i still would like to hear from all of you.

1535 killeurn Ctr blvd
Tallahassee FL 32309

This is the mission home address if sending letters it will be forwarded to me the next day no matter where i'm at.

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