Monday, November 30, 2009

Yellow Jackets and Holy Socks

So what's new?
for the first time since i've been out here it's been "cold" it got down into the 50's but there still isn't any snow. which is really weird, mostly because I see the Christmas decorations going up, which in my head says that there is supposed to be snow. it's like watching a movie about the arctic and then you need to get a blanket because you think it's cold. (one of those mind thingies). so since it's been a bit nippy in the mornings i was "forced" to get a jacket or two from one of the many beach stores that sell an arrangement of clothing items. the great thing about it is that so far the jackets have only cost me $13 bucks for two. so it's an amazing deal.

the other thing is that while we do have a car, this month we are almost out of miles so we are now forced to walk to appointments or seeing less actives. and with this and not cutting my toe nails, my socks have now gotten a bit "holy".

now on to things that really do matter. or at least somethings that i've learned while being out here.
First. you have to be willing to work all day and if that's done then miracles happen, for instance last night we could have gone home early to get ready for today, but instead we decided to see one more referral and as soon as we got to the door the father came out and talked to us and wanted us to come back to meet with him and his family.
Second. a testimony is built not received, so you have to put in your effort to find out if what you want to know is right, or exercising faith, and then go to the Lord and ask him if what you studied is right or what it says it is.
Third. the mission is kind of like a crucible with the refiners fire, let me describe it some more. so we are like a lump of gold or silver, and before we come out on to the mission we need to try to do our best to get rid of some of the impurities, or sins, but again that's through the Lord or refiner. then once we're on a mission we are placed in a crucible and the heat is then amplified until we become a liquid. then the Lord will take our impurities off, by taking off the "Dross" or imperfections. (i think that's correct lingo) And then he continues until he can see his own reflection in us. but this is only possible if we become moldable in the lord, if not then we crack and then we're of little worth to ourselves because we are trying to put ourselves back together. So while the mission is a great opportunity, we must ready ourselves the best we can before we can head out, and most be able to be humble enough to be molded.
Fourth thing, while i've got a whole lot of ideas it's not until i write them down, whether that's in a letter to someone, or writing it down in a journal, then it becomes personal and then i can understand what i've been trying to learn or when the lord wants me to learn a lesson from him.
Fifth. I gave my first talk yesterday in the mission field and while I think i should have been more nervous i wasn't mostly because i'm trying to be moldable to the lord. and i give all my credit to Him because he was the one who wrote it for me, now will this happen all of the time i think not, but it's nice to have it happen.
Sixth. the members here are simply amazing no matter what time of day it is they are willing to take us in and feed us and make us feel like were part of their family. so i would encourage you all to do the same, when you see a pair or a group of missionaries, show them that you do care about them, and in so doing you will be blessed by the lord.
Seventh. Today is the only day we have so lets make the best of it.
Eighth. There are miracles all around us, we just have to be willing to see them and if not that be the miracle workers.
So those are a couple of the things i've learned so far.

Jethroybn. I'm so happy to hear that your in your new house that lincoln is already trying to destroy it like a good reckless two year old boy. and that sophia is starting to build up her own immune system. I wish you the best Christmas.

Janben, I hear you trip was a success but that's about it, so i would love to hear more about it from you point of view. even if that's a couple of lines i would love to hear about it anyways.

Thad. You are so old your going to graduate and be a real working person, i'm impressed and in awe of your tenacity to stay true to your word. very few people do that all the time, but i would number among them.

ToniBen. I'm so glad that your doing well and that all turned out well for thanksgiving and that all the small children enjoyed being together. unfortunately they got sick, to that i'm sorry.

BEETLE!!! I miss you and i can't wait to talk to you in only a matter of weeks i still have a hard time figuring out that i'm a missionary, and for the next 22 months i'm going to do this, so i don't try to think about the time, but i'm doing my best to figure out how to be the best missionary possible, also i feel the same way about my brain being less cluttered except i just bought some Christmas CD's but i have in increased desire to study, which i find weird, i thought i would never get like that.

Camille, I'm sorry to hear about the loss and for the poor sportsmanship of the Cougar Fans. but i hope you were able to take the loss in stride, and accept that while they didn't win this year in the up coming years they will have their glory again.

Roxanna, Your letter was great and i really did enjoy it, I hope that my last letter helped you, because it helped me figure out what i needed to do. so thanks for your support.

Sophie Lee... your amazing plain and simple, so again i say Keep Truckin'

To all who read this I love you and i wish you a Happy and Merry Christmas season, because he is the only way back to happiness and love, which is god. because God is love. while we might not know everything it's line upon line that we obtain this knowledge. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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