Monday, January 17, 2011

Cars and the map

So what's new on my side of the world well that is a hard one for me to think of because it  seems all the same. So I'll do my best to give y'all the best update, first and for most we finished our map!!! which is quite an undertaking and I'll show a picture of before and after. that has been one of the biggest things that we have done this week, so about 400 stickers later we have the map placed and everyone that we know in the ward. so I felt accomplished especially with the help of my bro's we had a system where we just had one number one cut and one place. we all did a little of both. so that was pretty neat. umm.... other things this week let me think.... oh yeah so we also have a van which had a antifreeze leak. which had been going on for a while, so anyways we had to spend most of the day in another town just to get the part and to get someone who wouldn't take advantage of our church and also be reasonable so enough about that we had to drive about 20 to the next town which was Quincy Florida and so that was really neat but also unproductive but productive in the same instance. so now we have a "new" car and a map to look at so we can drive around. life is good.

the other really neat thing is that we were really able to connect with each other and get things rolling and we found out that we all have the same desire for this zone to change from what it once was into what it really can become so that was the best part is that we now have a plan of all the things that we want to accomplish and we have started to really change around the whole ward to get more involved with us and hopefully with that we will be able to change everyone else in the zone so that they can become better individuals and also to become the people that is needed right now. so that's what we are working with, and our big push right now for the zone is to go back to the basics which is really found in the first chapter in Preach My Gospel, and the need to follow the spirit in what we are doing, and not looking beyond what our mark is, doing what we are suppose to do without being asked. so that's kind of what we are trying to convey with our zone right now. and that's the hard thing with us, and tomorrow we'll find out if it works.

After looking through my planner I found that we had splitz with the the High Priests and that was really cool we were really able to help them find out who lives where and what they want, the people we visited, and surprisingly a lot of those we visited didn't really want to do much with the church. which is really sad but we are trying to help them out so they will come back eventually. ummm....

so really cool thing on Sunday. we were in gospel principals and we were teaching and then we had someone new come in and was just wondering what is going on and why we aren't using bible, and instead of using the gospel principals book. so elder Hammond came to the rescue and took her and started explaining everything and that was very distracting for me, and they eventually took her out while i was left to teach gospel principals with 4 other people. and it turned out to be a really good lesson. So after Sunday school it was sacrament meeting and i took a seat that i normally do and it was cool i was waiting for the other guys to show up and i waited and waited and waited so the sacrament is being passed still I don't know where they were and what's going on so i was confused. After the sacrament they showed up with Megan the person that was in our class and they sat by her the rest of the time, so this entire time i was a bit confused about what was going on, sacrament ends and i get to actually talk to those guys and i found out that she was just a girl who woke up that morning and decided to come to church and ours was the closest one to her so that's what happened.  When she came into our class she was still very confused and that's when Hammond came in and then Hibbert to seal the deal, along with our ward mission leader. So i was very impressed not only did our class have a sweet message about our heavenly family but also my bro's got to teach an investigator who felt the spirit tell her to come to church. very cool.

the other story of the week along with Megan was Wesley he's been talking to the missionaries for a while and keeps asking to be baptized and to get the holy ghost but he never really comes to church, i think he's just a little scared with getting out and driving to church, so on Saturday we went over and told him that If he wants to get baptized he needs to come to church for the next three weeks and yesterday he didn't show up or at least he didn't sit by us.  so we are working with him but he doesn't really seem committed.  I just don't know we'll find out more later.

Other neat thing this week was being invited to hear a member talk to an AA meeting where he told a little about his conversion and about his life and getting rid of his drinking problem.  So i was really impressed.

Well that about covers the highlights with this week, next week is going to be pretty sweet.

I love you guys enjoy your holiday.

dad it sounds like your a busy bee. and i hear that the whole fireplace has been working hard, since i haven't been there to build a lot of the fires at night.

mom Keep up the good work and make sure your happy and keep working with the youth you are making a huge difference in their lives, i hope you know that.

Jethroybn the kids are just growing up way to quickly and i can't believe that Lincoln is talking so well.

and Congrats to Zach, keep up the good work.


Elder Matthew Gillespie

Momo's Pizza

the MAP

the finding on the roster

plotting on the map

the finished map

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