Monday, January 10, 2011

Wearing Thin?

Hello everybody and it's story time with Crazy Uncle Matt!!!

so this last week has been very interesting, and pretty long at least that what it feels like. so lets start from the beginning, a very good place to start.

So after email on Monday, we finished and had dinner with a member and had a family home evening with them so that was really cool. we got  to dress up as scripture characters. which was so cool and i really feel bad for you guys trying to keep your kids under control with company over. well anyways the next morning was an early one. we had Zone Leader Councils which was in Crestview Florida, and it's about the middle of the mission so it's about a 2.5 hour drive over there, but of course those that know me and road trips don't usually get along so we had to stop a few times just to let nature's call, be answered. so it ended up being 3 hours mostly because we drove past the exit and had to add an extra 20 miles to the trip, 10 up and 10 back to find the next exit. so after all of that we had a really good time there and learned a lot from not only president but from everybody, which was so cool because i had either served with or around most of them that were there. so really nice to get to know everyone there again. That took most of the day which was a lot of fun to be apart of so I was really happy with all of that and we got home pretty late, and visited a family that we've decided to call our grandma family. Just a little lady that's 93 and only looks like she's in her 70's so it such an interesting experience to be with her.

Which leads us to Wednesday. that was a pretty average day for us and we tried to do a lot of good but we found out that the people that we want to teach always live on the opposite sides of our areas, and the traffic has gotten a lot worse because now people are here for school so a lot more people. so we had a lot of fun with that.

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday that was the day that everything fell through and we were just trying to come up with something to do, which happens more often than not. but we had a lot of fun that night, and we found a little hole in the wall of a restaurant which has an XL pizza which is about.... Huge. it's called Momo's pizza and it's really neat to see a pizza that it's slices could feed a small nation just from one. so we thought for a while and we decided to get ourselves a XL and that night the three of us were able to barely get half of it down. and it's amazing so definitely a place that is worth getting while anyone is here in Tallahassee. (Hint hint) and as a companionship we are trying to find all of the good places to eat so there is going to be a list by the time I'm done that I'll know is good.

With that day done and over it leads us to Friday where we got a little bit inspired with what we need to do to get this place back up to tip top shape. which consisted of getting a wall map that we were able to get some copies from the library and that night we hung it up it's hard to explain but I'll do my best.  So we got a book that is a map book that separates the city and the county into numbers of the map and from there each page is a number and we took all the maps that are in our area and made copies of that so we could then use it to find where people live and also group them together so we and others after us can find them very easily and so we can then just work in one area the entire time and not drive back and forth and be stuck in a car, or we could be contacting a lot more. so that whole little experience of putting a map together was quite a little feat for us.

So with Friday closing and a map finished we went to bed. Saturday was the day of the Man! so in the morning we had breakfast with the Spanish missionaries and we all made food.  We had pancakes, and lumberjack breakfast full of eggs, sausage, cheese, peppers, seasoning, and the list goes on from there, we then all pack together in the car and head over for some service for an awesome member, where we did 5 oil jobs to trucks, and I mean trucks, so we got all our hands covered in oil and dirt and all sorts of goodness, then finished with that and headed over to another service where we got to play with real shovels and moved some dirt and plants, planted a tulip garden and other sorts of stuff. So by the time that was finished my fingernails were black and gritty and manly, i even got some of the callouses back on my hand.  So it's the day of the man. we had dinner with President Jensen and it was really neat we told him of our master plan to get things rolling forward and he seems really excited about the whole thing so i was also really happy about that. in fact all of us were. so some good things were definitely going to happen here which I'm excited to see happen, and i think that we are going to be a companionship for a while. so that night we started rearranging furniture to make it feel more like a home rather than just a place to stay, so we are happy.

so Sunday wake up and we are determined to get in with the ward because we can place dots all day on a board but that's not going to help us do anything if we don't know who to visit. so we are committed to get in with the whole leadership and help them out where ever we can so we made the effort to get to ward council which i think really helped them see that we are here to help and see through there problems that they think that we can fix. so we have been pretty successful with that with a list from most of the auxiliaries, so that was neat.  That night we were able to go through our roster and find  out where they live so we can now start plotting where they live and all sorts of things. so that was really time consuming and boring but we got it done in about 2 hours which is really quite amazing. seeing as we have 31 pages on our roster. so we did it quick.

which leads us to today. this morning was a mini transfer, we have a lot a Brazilians who don't know what they are going to do until they get a visa so president wants them now in companionships with each other so they can continue to learn and also get to be missionaries instead of the third wheel, so this morning we were told that we needed to be there at 7:30 but of course they didn't leave till almost 9 so all of us weren't too happy about the whole thing.  The worst part is that they just tell us like 5 minutes before hand what's going to happen or they just show up late so that's the downer to that. Well anyway, this week in a nutshell has been pretty good.

Love Elder Gillespie

Fambly keep up the good work i know that everything is going to be alright, also tell Zach congrats from me and to keep on truckin'

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