Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years. . . New Life

Hello everyone now it's time for the update from the kid out east.

well since our last little comments of last week we have been working our legs off. which i have really enjoyed, and the coolest thing about being in this three some is that we all want to work, one's got the plan, one's got the knowledge to get there, and the other just wants to make everyone happy. so to put it in a better light we are getting a long so well that it's not even funny, it's like we can complete each others sentences and keep the work going forward, so I'm really happy right now.

so some stories of the week,

this last Wednesday we were able to go to the Ronald McDonald house where we did a list that the ladies had for us to do, one of which was to use a leaf blower to get rid of all the leaves and junk that had accumulated in the front walk ways and the parking lots. so i decided that i was going to take the job, which might of been a poor choice, not only did i start to lose my hearing but it took me about 2 hours to complete the whole job, but on the other hand i was able to exercise not only my hands and legs but my forearms as well which is always fun to do.  Later that day we were also trying to get our car fixed because it's got a leaky tube. so it'll get fixed this week and our man van is going to be awesome.

other service this week we helped in the old historic state capitol where we helped take down all the Christmas decorations that were put up, mostly garland and big old bows that were attached to the garland. and the people that actually work there said that it takes them like 3 days to put it up and we were able to take it all down in a matter of three hours. so we felt pretty accomplished about what we did.

an amazing thing that happens when missionaries don't fear is that things get done the way that they are suppose to and a lot quicker than those that are nervous, and I'll be honest that i once was a very nervous and scared missionary but i think now that I'm a lot more confident than i once was, but that leads us to what i studied today, it doesn't matter how much you have confidence in yourself you should put your confidence in the Lord and let him work through us to find his children that we are supposed to help him get back to him, which means that missionaries are nothing, but in the same vein we are something, the only thing that we have is that we have a choice and that's either, God or not, that's what it can be broken down into, something that everyone has to learn at some point. but we don't always remember it all the time so we need to be reminded more than once. I'm glad i have that chance now to learn what i would of had a much harder time back home.

so another story is that we were able to meet with an inactive who wants to come back, and he's got quite a story, apparently he was a sniper for the marines, and their training is nuts. like they have to shoot a target the size of a quarter at a distance of a half mile in 4 stances, standing, kneeling, laying, and upside down hanging by a tree limb. so he's a bit intense so we're going to try not to get him mad. but a very intense man who is back on track with what needs to happen. which I'm glad to be a part of. so things are going well with us.

so other stories than that, well we had a great time in sacrament meeting where an investigator that other missionaries had been working with came and sat by us and seems really interested in getting into the church so we are going to get thing rolling the right way with him. he was even asking about what the temple feels like so i think that it's going to be awesome. he's just a nice man to be around.

well I'm kind of out of stories except for the fact that i don't know if I've told you but now I'm covering the entire 4th ward of Tallahassee instead of it being split north and south. so it's been an interesting change to have from sticking to the south side of town to covering a lot more. so it's been really neat to have more freedom to work.

I haven't got a lot more to say

I miss you guys, thank you for your prayers and concern for me. I hope you had a wonderful time with your holidays and i hope that a couple of the new year resolutions are still going on and what a wonderful time it is for all of us to make a little bit of a change in all of our lives.


Elder Gillespie

jethroybn, thad, emily. that was an awesome letter I'm glad that you were able to combine and write that it made it so much more interesting to see how you all had different opinions and how they we all combined doing something together.

Mom your awesome keep it up also don't walk to church unless you actually have boots. because it sounds like your having a lot of snow. so  definitely invest in some boots.

Dad i don't quite get the whole tunnel in the attic thing is it on the west wall and does it go down into the part above the garage where you can see, above the quityourbellakin sign?  It's sad to see all those ward members starting to get ready to go back home.  i hope everything else is going well though.

Ben G. your great I'm glad you keep me updated on how great the mountain west really is so it's cool to see that even your family is growing up so fast too. i can't believe that it's been 3 months since Eliza was born, time is just moving too fast. so it'll be fun when we all get back together.

Also Congrats to Sunny for being cousin of the year. kudo's to you!  

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