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how is everyone doing? from the reports that I've gotten it sounds like everything is going well with skiing, moving, working, traveling, teaching, temple-ing, studying, photographing, etc. and it sounds like everyone is enjoying the rather brisk and frigid month of January. I've also heard that it's been the most snow since who knows how long, so that must really be a relief with the drought thing.

well that's probably too much from the whole outsider's perspective. so I'll tell a little bit about what's going on here in Tally town. We had our first zone conference with much appreciation from president and also the entire zone, they all participated and really helped everyone come closer together and want to do so much better. In fact we (Hammond Hibbert and myself) were the lead of zone conference and we did our presentation with the need to be more proactive with our own individual area's and also our companions and ourselves. So that was a really neat thing that we were able to do with the entire zone. We also had a neat little introduction where instead of saying where you were from and how long you had been out and all that fun stuff, we introduced the other person. so it got them thinking more about the other people instead of themselves which we kind of got from "remember the titans".   So we had a really fun time with zone conference and that day.  so that was really cool.  With that finished we went back to the routine of service at the Ronald McDonald house and cleaned up that place a little bit and also we tried to get everything else moving forward. So the next day we were doing service at the state capitol, where we are getting more and more trained on what the state capitol is, that is the historic state capitol, so we are helping them get ready for their big up coming school frenzy where all the little kids come in as part of their schooling. Well anyway, it was a fun day with that. We got invited actually to come over to teach a little kid who's getting ready for baptism that day too, and that was a fun day so i felt happy that we were able to help out that family and get more of the spirit into their home. It keeps reminding me how much we need to do that with everyone, not just us but for me my nieces and nephews. So that's what I'm excited for. Thursday also we went and taught a less active member and also brought a friend, which was so cool and then she just started testifying about the Book of Mormon and all that goodness and she committed to come to church this coming week so that's really cool.

so Friday comes and we weekly plan and get everything ready for the upcoming week. Now we know what we are doing for the up coming week and it's amazing that we only have like a week before transfers comes up so that's really weird for me to think about because life is coming closer and closer and it's just really weird to think about......  anyways. Saturday came and we got to play some basketball, which is on a wood court, the only one I've seen since I left the MTC. which is such a difference than any other church, it's all carpet. And from what I was told I did really well, I was just having fun and it was really relaxing,  Which leads to yesterday, Sunday which was a great day we had some great lessons and learned quite a bit with everything going on, it was nice to just sit back and listen and learn from what others were teaching and to get a different perspective. so i was pretty happy about all of that.

But the highlight of the week was being able to talk with and teach Megan.  She was really into the lesson and she just started asking questions like "what are the 10 commandments, could we look over those" and "where did we come from" just the questions that you always hear but never like a golden investigator. which has been such a change from the who eternal investigators. one which we are working with. her lesson was just so good it's just to hard to describe. so just let it be said that i was very happy after the whole thing.

This week has just been so good. i can't quite describe it all.

That's about it here on the gulf side of the world.

Elder Gillespie

Thad sorry I haven't really written you back and thank you for your emails it sounds like your doing really well, keep up the good work.

Robyn, sweet sweet pics definitely going to have to get some framed, could you send a couple out here? with the mountains and snow? and of course you guys too.

Jan i appreciate the invite and i hope you accomplish your goals.  My little bit of advice stay away from fried foods. they are tasty but terrible for you.

Mom i know exactly how you feel about the whole thing about the weeks never changing just the outside temperature does. but I'm so glad and grateful for your love and concern about me and all that. I'll be home soon just don't count down too quick.

Dad sounds like an adventure don't get hurt and keep those kids in line and i can't believe that they are already getting their eagles already, and Shumway is going on a mission?!? where to? who's next? and when do they go?

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